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- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

Complaints department is RE-open ;( + tag

I don t know if it is because I am sick or because of this atmosphere in the blogosphere or at least in some of the blogs I read that I decided the RE-open the Complaints department (see previous post about it) just for a bit.
I do not like to be sick, well who like that anyway, no one right? Half of my bed is covered by tissues, every time i use one, my ears are clicking ( I can t find a verb to describe the feeling), and in case u don t know, don t take the plane when ur nose is blocked, because ur ears are not gonna like it when the plane will start his descent ;( I spent the rest of the evening with one ear blocked. Having one ear blocked, meant that i could listen to myself talkin to people....damn, i don t like hearing the echo of myself...specially when i m sick, I feel I have the voice of the butcher...a man butcher ;(
So my bed is covered by tissue, my night table is covered by medicine, pills, spray ,syrup etc etc i feel like i m a giant VIRUS

I haven t been able to sleep for a week, it never happened to me before, it s almost 2 and i m still awake, i m usually going to bed at the same time as the hens... early during the week ;( but i can t, either i m sleeping couple of hours then wake in the middle of the night every 30 min, or I can t fall in sleep till 4 in the morning... it may sounds normal for some... but not for me... it s like my brain can t stop thinking!!! There is no on/off button behind my neck to switch off my brain, too bad, it would have been useful!

To add to this virus checker I have high blood pressure, it did not really freak me out at first, since my skills regarding medical stuff is pretty limited (even though my mum is a nurse, i m simply sick when going to visit someone in hospital), but my parents freaked me out! I do love my parents, but there is a reason why i m blogging in english.... it s because my family don t speak english ;) I do have a french blog, the posts are way more different, i don t want to worry my grandma who is my biggest fan on the blog ;) And u think it s less a problem since i m not leaving in the same country .... u are so wrong, my family always find a way to reach me.... always! I know they are worried... so everything is fine on my french blog...not always here ;)

And on top of that if you add the recurrent topic of complaints: ugly weather, work pressure, loneliness, lack of tasty food/friends/family/sun... the list is too long to be posted...the moral is down down....i m sure i ll get over it once my fever/flue/blood pressure will be back to normal, my objective is to sleep 24h this weekend so i can retrieve my lack of sleep for the past week ;)

Now, on a more funny note, i'm closing down the complaints department and I m doing the tag that singlendacity89 wanted to see me doing ;)
Tag: Go to google and type your name then Needs.. Example Cécile needs and wait for the answers to come up and you just write them down…. so here we go:

1) What Cecile needs now: that s the first result: yeah Great! I thought Google had the answer for everything ;(
2) Cecile needs to learn to spin on her head. woow!!! I m not too sure wether it s gonna be useful for my future career...
3) Cécile needs to learn the basics of writing ;( I know, my english writing skills needs improvements (btw, on previous I was talking about the brother in law of my step mother and not my mother in law, obviously i m not married to my dad ;)
4) Cecile needs more structure in her life. grrrrrr, whatever, is Google my psy now ;(
5) Cecille really needs a reality check. pfffff, well this one is mean but it does not really count since my name is not spell properly ;)
6) Cecile needs her eyes checked. I know, my left eye is lazier than the right one, i need to see a doctor ;(
7) Cécile needs to find a lawyer. Really!!!! What for? I m innocent!!!
8) Cecile needs to get out of a tight spot...ok then, i should call a psy or maybe Google is mean mean ;(
If i used my pseudo Cess I have:
1) Cess needs your help to win this battle...ok i should look into the yellow pages for a psy!

So should i tag somebody...let s see.... no.... BUT... as she said ;) ' I would like to see a couple people do this…' ;) Serene, Ankur, Bhai and Day Dreamer, now if u guys already did it, send me the link, i like to see it ;)
May all of u have a nice weekend... and in case you want to complaign my Complaints Department is open untill late in the Comments area ;)

45 people read it till the end and comment on it ;):

Ankur said...

hahah... i really liked this tag and thanks for tagging me!! :D :D

ok, what also cess needs to do, she has put no 1 back after no 8!! :P

and really even it made me feel sick too tat how the blogsville is turning out to be just another earth!! :(

y not able to sleep?? saw any doc?
i am also going through the same, i mean i m able to sleep but not properly!!

and **lack of tasty friends!! :P :P
how do u really taste them!! :P

and google for u only suggests improvements is it!! :P

u a blonde na! ;) :D :D
just kidding!! :D

Take care... and check ur BP!!

Mystique Wanderer said...

okie this sounds like fun...the need thing that is not ure cold and insomnia...i know how both feel

1. Girish needs three years of solid training from such masters, if you expect him to be a World champion at the senior level (yeah i know my chess aint as good now as it was earlier)

2. Girish needs a match. The match has not yet been found, but it is out there tonight. (i totally agree...plz order one smart, cuddly, kinky, romantic feline feminine thingy for me)...i did delete the ('for this transplant' at the beginning)

3. Girish Patil needs bone marrow...i dont know about patil but i get mine from nicely cooked meat...crunch bone and suck marrow

4. Girish needs Grandmaster’s coaching at this stage of his career...naah now u're flattering me...

5. Girish needs an image branding overhaul...i agree bring on the combat suit...time to complete the military look and feel

so that was me

--xh-- said...

blocked ear and running nose are very irritating... get well soon...
the worry syndrome of folks- i know it well... that is why i have not shared my blog url with any of my folks:)

the tag is fun.. man, Google do know lot of stuff abt u :P

btw - check this link to know more about Onam -

Anonymous said...

Cess! I loved yours! hahahaha

You need a reality check!! I told you Blogger is mean! if not that it tries to get fresh with you!

I am so glad you did it I loved all your answers!


Keshi said...

Complaints r a many in my!

**: ugly weather, work pressure, loneliness, lack of tasty food/friends/family/sun...

tell me abt it! I'd rather be friendless and whingy, than be with fake friends. :)

I love the NEEDS lol lol @reality check!

I think I will take up this tag soon :)



Keshi said...

And abt ur come? d u get tensed easily? I do, but my BP (hopefully) is normal.

TC girl!


descrying the shadows said...

HMMMM... di , i don do tags but since you are Di, I will do this one and only one for you ..:D

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

oh my my
*hugs* for the poor sick baby..get well shooon.....and I understand ur french blog and it's purpose..I neva told my blog id to my parents ..if they see how much life is shit here in my world they will jus freak so i call them and say m ok nd fine :P

and the
if that's wat google thinks at u ..m scared to try it..but will try it out...i can't help checking..see impulses..hard to

get well soon :)

Anonymous said...

wishing u a speedy recovery!

If I google my name, I'll get all my Page 3 write ups :D

Cess said...

@ Ankur, ur welcome for the tag.

++ok, what also cess needs to do, she has put no 1 back after no 8!! :P++

pffff, i started an other number 1, because it was with a different name, i m not gonna put 2 1) 1) at the beginning???? ;)

++ is turning out to be just another earth!! :(++
we are still human, we don t have super power just because we are using internet ;) it s only a brief moment of insanity and it s good to have a bit of comfort from others ;)

++ y not able to sleep?? saw any doc?++
yeah i saw the doc, i took some medicine and i slept 8 hours last night so it s good, but i hope i m not gonna have to use the pill every time to sleep properly

++ and **lack of tasty friends!! :P :P++
there a 'food/' before friends ;) maybe i should taste them, so i won t be fool by some ;)

++ u a blonde na! ;) :D :D++ ;( mean mean Ankur ;)

pss: and I know Google very well ;)
and i ll check my BP this weekend
pheeew long reply to long comment

Cess said...

@ Mystique Wanderer
Thanks for passing by anf sharing ur needs ;)

++plz order one smart, cuddly, kinky, romantic feline feminine thingy for me)++ LOL

Cess said...

@ --xh-- i m glad i m not the only not sharing the blog with relatives ;)

Google was really mean mean with me yesterday ;(

thanks for the link, i ll check it.

Cess said...

@ singlendacity89 thanks and thanks for tsgging me ;) it was cool to do it!

Cess said...

@ Keshi
I officially tag u for the Needs tag, i hesitate to tag u at the first, because u always have imagination for long post with lots of comments, so i thought u might be too busy for my tag ;)

As for my BP, first time, too much pressure at the moment... need some rest... i ll be better soon... i think ;)


Cess said...

@ descrying the shadows I promise i won tag u anymore, but i did it for this one, cause i m curious to see the outcome of it with u ;)

Cess said...

@ τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя
I m trying to get better, thanks for the nice words.

Now i m curious what Google thinks of u ;)

Cess said...

@ Swats


++ If I google my name, I'll get all my Page 3 write ups :D++ is it a good thing or not? ;)

ceedy said...

Cecile needs acure for that cold...damn I so agree with you about the nose block and not flying....
hope you feel better and you are in Dublin so why not try some scotch, warm water and honey before going to helps ;)

and loved you tag answers :) should never stop whether your nose/ears/eyes anythings is blocked :)

Cess said...

@ ceedy
Cecile only have her local french alcohol Pastis in the kitchen (, she should by some whiskey this weekend, my mum used to take care of me when i m sick,i m like my dad, i think i m at the end of my life when i m sick ;)
++fun should never stop whether your nose/ears/eyes anythings is blocked :)++ Amen!!! this is my new leitmotiv that i m gonna add in my blog description!!! Thanks

ceedy said...

Then you need to migrate in "spirits" too to Dooblin :)
so get this

and I am gonna try the Pastis...

feel better :)

Cess said...

@ ceedy yeah i know Jameson but i usually mix it with coke, i ve been in Ireland for 3 years, i like the black bushmills better, i visited the factory in north of ireland last year it was cool.
AS for the pastis, DON T forget to put some water on it, there is a reason why the pastis is popular only in France, it s because they don t now how to serve it anywhere else ;)


Cess said...

@ ceedy

PS: do let me know when u try it ;) if u find some ;)

ceedy said...

That was just meant to be banter - I am sure you know about Jameson :)
Now have to try black bushmills :)

and yes will let you know if I try pastis...might look for in it a french restaurant here
thanks and have a gr8 weekend HIC!!!

Ankur said...

**pffff, i started an other number 1, because it was with a different name, i m not gonna put 2 1) 1) at the beginning???? ;)

now i m more confused!! :P

**it s only a brief moment of insanity and it s good to have a bit of comfort from others

i hope everyone arnd thinks like u n me!!!!

**there a 'food/' before friends ;) maybe i should taste them, so i won t be fool by some ;)

ok... lets read again wat u have written!!
** ugly weather, work pressure, loneliness, lack of tasty food/friends/family/sun...

technically speakin, if the tasty isnt applied for friends, family and sun, then it shld have followed with a comma!! :P :P

plzzz dont find same grammatical mistakes in mine, coz i know i m bad!! :D :D

and the bp tablets generally are seductive so it may have induced the sleep, but u try reducing ur BP and it will help in ur sleep, coz BP causes Dizziness which reduces sleep!! :)

and i m not at all mean, I am an Asian!!! :D :D

**pss: and I know Google very well ;)

sounds like google too knows u pretty well!! :D :D


Cess said...

@ ankur
++ technically speakin, if the tasty isnt applied for friends, family and sun, then it shld have followed with a comma!! :P :P++
FYI In case u forgot i m French, english is not my mother tongue, we would have met 4 years omg, it would have been a catastrophe because i was speaking/writing as good as a spanish cow (french expression to express how bad my english was;)

as for the tablets to sleep it s only to force me to sleep a bit cause i haven t sleep for a week, i hope everything will be back to normal my flu is gone ;)

as for u re not mean, it depends, if u cook something for me when i ll visit India ;) i might change my mind ;)

Ankur said...

hehe.. i know u r french, but doesnt matter... coz, i was kiddin!! :D :D

spanish cow... hahahahaha!!!!

Flu... hope u will be alright soon!!! :)

wat abt till tat time, cooking is not a problem, if u r coming down to Pune!!!

Get Well Soon!!

Ankur said...

i dont want to be called mean till tat time!! :D

so i promise when u come down to Pune, the cook is me, and the dish is all urs!!! :)


Cess said...

@ ankur, i won t call u mean till then, but the dish better be good!!!!

Ria said...

Aww dont worry hun u'll b fine too!i went thru a similar phase some days back when i was down with severe cold and viral fever. Felt like killing myself!!but it subsided soon. So take good care of urself and eat well.

Anonymous said...

yeah who doesn't enjoy recognition and fame..but im bored of my work..I dont enjoy it anymore ;-(

Cess said...

@ Ria
Thanks for the nice words, i know, it will be better next week ;)
And thanks for passing by ;)

Cess said...

@ Swats why are u not enjoying it anymore? not enough topics to discuss? how long have u been doin it? Renu told me u are a journalist in which domain?

Keshi said...

** so i thought u might be too busy for my tag

aww no ways...I hv done many tags before. I love GOOD, SMART tags like this one :) so yeah I'll take it up soon. tnxx for tagging me!

I dun blog much in the wknds...cos Im always driving ard or busy with family. So yeah, I will do it next week ok.


why dun u take up Yoga classes? dun ask me if I did it cos I tried and I failed miserably cos Im forever hyper lol!

Take it easy Cess. u hv a great, relaxed and happy wknd now!


Cess said...

@ Keshi, take ur time for the tag, i did not give any deadlines ;)
Yeah yoga people told me already, I m not sure it will work, i m not patient ;) I might try some Pilates class at work just to see ;) I hope this damn damn BP will go down soon ;)
have a good weekend.


Hemanth Potluri said...

wow...u got a big complain deptarment over u recover soon..from ur virus..:)...and the tag was done gr8..loved all the answers google gave

first time to ur blog..ur previous post on struck at airport was good loved it...:)..

thnks for droping by my blog :)..


Renu said...

wish u a speedy recovery! How r u feeling now? BP at ur age? i am surprised.

as for complaints, i have not many complaints in life, because the best thing to have is an affectionate and caring family and in that I am very lucky to have the best of them:)
rest of the things i manage:)

Cess said...

@ Hemanth Potluri
++hope u recover soon..from ur virus..:)++
It s on his way, i feel a bit better now, and i saw on ur blog that u were sick as well so i hope u feel better to ;)

++and the tag was done gr8++
Feel to use it, I remember I passed by ur blog once, and I saw ur tag about ur pc wall paper , i found it very nice ;)

++ur previous post on struck at airport was good loved it++

Thanks ;).

++thnks for droping by my blog++
u re welcome ;)


Cess said...

@ Renu
I m feeling a bit better, at least i managed to sleep 8 full hours the past 2 nights so i m ok. I ll check my BP today again to see if it went down, cause it s the first it happened to me ;(

As for the complaints, if u read my previous post about it, it s usually small things, in overall i m happy with my life. But i m glad that u are too, and I hope i ll be as much happy as u when i ll have kids and that i ll be able to 'manage' the rest too ;)


Anonymous said...

I am a 'page 3' work involves chatting up Bollywood (the Hindi film industry)celebrities-actors/producers/directors/music directors etc..

writing- celebrity journalism!

Cess said...

@ swats, that s coooool!!!! so why u don t like it anymore? Have u been doing it for a long time? Do u still want to be a journalist maybe in a different field?

Jack said...


Why are you running away from your family? If you are not well I think you should let them look after you.

Take care

Cess said...

@ Jack, I m not running away from my family, have been living alone since the past 5 years ;) I love my family but specially my dad and my grandma are too worried about me, and when they are worried they stress me ;( and i don t need that ;)

I m feeling better now, still high BP but the flu is almost.

Thanks for coming again ;)

Anonymous said...

its been approx 2 yrs now..ppl mistake it for a glamourous job but it aint all tht erodes my self-esteem, bad pay..dont get me started..dont wana CRIB ;-)

chk this in ur spare time n ul understand wht im talking abt

Cess said...

@ swats
I ll check the link!
I guess for work we have good and not so good things about it, I ve been working almost 2 years for my company and I m getting bored already.....;(

Keshi said...


good one!

I've done Pilates, Funk, Jazz, Hiphop and all kinds of Aerobics classes. Now I've stopped cos I was getting too tired going to the gym all the time. Now I take long walks every day...a 45min walk. Its relaxing and keeps me fit too.

All the best Cess. Now get that BP down girl. HUGS!