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Complaint department is open... The EVIL Pigeon!

Coming France, and I know it s a pity excuse but still, in order to feel less guilty I prefer to say that is a common thing where I m from, we love to complain. This is not something bad, it is more like a hobby, and for instance this is one of my favorite hobby. Usually there is nothing outrageous, and it s more like a drama queen kind of complaint for small details. I could stop complaining but it won t be fun anymore.
I m living in Ireland, which is one of my recurrent complaint topic, including the weather ,which sucks btw, the food, I am not even gonna comment on this one, because talking gastronomy in Ireland could be resumed by 'Cuisine de France' which is for me passes all understanding... Even at work, we have free food for lunch, and usually i m eating with French people, to speak french (I m working in a team that cover 30+ languages, with people from everywhere), we will complained about the food, usually we have each day a different food recipe from different countries. When it s the day for French recipes, u can be sure that the Complaints Department is open till late. Most of the time when I complained, I m not attacking anybody in general, it s always 'them', nobody in particular, and I would not dare going to see the Chef telling that 'Potatoes Boulanger' never ever exist as a french recipe ....ever, no, cause I remember that it is free food and it s much better than my previous company.

The recent topic were the recurrent workship in front of my house by the yellow/orange men, the one wearing a flashy jacket to be sure drunk drivers will see them before actually driving on to them. Why do they have to make a freakin hole in front of my house from 8 to 11PM, actually it s the 3rd hole this week. Using crazy machine to make the most possible noise. The last 2 days, I was already in bed and was too tired to change clothes (yeah, I won t be credible talkin to them in my pyjamas...) go downstairs under the rain for what, telling them to stop, right like they re gonna listen to me. So, today, I was out, and i decided to talk to them, to see at least if I had any reasons to hate them for making wait til 11 to finally sleep. They told they have to do it the evening to avoid traffic jam during the day, which understandable, and they were actually feeling sorry for me, apologizing for disturbing me, it was quite unexpected, but I asked nicely ;) Does not mean they re not gonna come back tomorrow.

So why did I wrote this post about complaints, it s because of THE pigeon! The Evil or Stupid Pigeon, I m not too sure if they are evil or stupid. Maybe, they have a thing against me, I always have the ugliest pigeon ever coming next to me, sometimes he s missing a leg or a piece of the leg, sometimes he has the worst color ever like he s coming from the exhaust pipe of a vehicle, I dunno, without of course forgetting the most ridiculous way to walk, bouncing head from front to back, then back to front, then front to back etc for that, they really look stupid, now today on my way, I got so closed to received the bombshell from a pigeon. Usually, because I have some friends wo received some friendly pigeon s shit on their shirt, I AVOID walking to close from a small building, why? because most of time, you always have the back of the pigeon hanging out from the roof, why do they have to do that, can t they do it the other way around, it s not like they re gonna shit on their feet (when they have them) anyway? Is this some kind of vengeance, when kids scared them on the street or if they don t get food from us, by some kind of anger they will shit on our car windows, or if they doing it evil on our hair our shirts? why? So, today, I avoid it really close, still don t know how, I think I can feel the evil pigeon, I have probably some kind of radar to avoid the evil pigeon, STILL, haven t figure it out why they do it?
It s funny, how you can write a useless long post based on a pigeon. The Complaints Office is now closed, but i still invite u to complain in the comments if you feel so, sometimes, u feel better after ;)

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--xh-- said...

"The Complaints... after" - so true... this is what i do and ask my friends to follow - if they have complaints, let the steam out...
I always have a soft spot towrds ireland, may be coz I have never been there, but I do want to visit there once.
the rant about piegion was hilariuous - why dont they do it otehr way? may be coz the want to take revenge on us :)

Cess said...

@ xh, true, always good to complain sometimes, as for the pigeon, trust me, if u re coming to Ireland, avoid walking close to the small buildings, u never know...

Anonymous said...

hehe.. nice one!

--xh-- said...

u have been tagged.. :)

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...


scary pigeons...
My uni campus is actually too greeen and I always stand cautiously under thee greenery..coz leave alone pigeons bird leave any opportunity to bombard me

and I love french food :P

and i m talking abt only the french fries :P


u have lovely blog ... and u r now blogrolled ...I will drop here now quite a often :)

Scribblers Inc said...

that pigeon pic real??buggers been in my house all through!!!drat!

Scribblers Inc.

Cess said...

@τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя
French Fries? seriously have no ideas why they called it french fries, we are not into potatoes much, it s more a belgium stuff, u should try Rillettes or Saucisson much more tasty ;)

Cess said...

@Scribblers Inc
No no, it s not a real pigeon reading, otherwise he will be very evil ;)