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What else

- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(


It is been more than a week now that I wake up wid a migraine... till I go to bed with one... I won t say it was an heavy migraine... but it feels more like a constant hangover... and i swear i did not drink...because of that, I have been sleeping approximately 3 to 4h per night which is half of what I used to sleep... till that wednesday... when I woke at 3 with sour pain in my stomach.... to be frank I freaked out cauze i never had this kind of pain before, I thought it was because I took too much meds to fix that damn migraine... but that stomach pain was coming.... and leaving...coming and leaving... at 3rd time I decided to go to the hospital in Dublin... wrong idea!
I took a cab, I guess the taxi driver freaked out when i asked him to drive me to the near hospital... might have think i was a drunkard ready to redecorate his brand new mercedes... I arrived at the emergency... first sign... '100 euros to pay for the consult...' (300 euros for non EU... still havent figure it out y)... well I have to tell you... you d better be not in a hurry or about to die... because before u can even see a nurse you have to answer a couple of admin questions.....
15 min later I got to see one nurse... who gave me that bracelet... you are number 699707 :) Then a second nurse came to get some blood sample... now too bad for me... I am not a big fan of needles... as a matter of fact... I was getting even sicker... specially when she fuck up twice... wondering which vein she could play wid... when i saw the size of needle I told 'oh It ain t gonna happen... no way u ll get that one in my arm' my veins have the tendancy to disappear when they feel the needle coming....
then a doctor came... welll when I say doctor she looked younger than me... was not wearing the white coat... and when i saw the colour right undernearth her eyes... a very dark purple... i guess the last time she saw a bed ... was more than 24 hours ago... and that did not re assure me at alll... but even though she messed up once... she finally decided to get a smaller needle... the one used for kids :P and got it through my vein :)
... What happened next.... well nothing... just wait....and wait... 1...2....3....4....5 hours....from 5AM become 10AM.... then 11.... from cubicle 12 with curtains around me they moved me to B1 which was just a parking space for sick people in the hallway... I sadly say goodbye to Louise an 85 years old lady located in cubicle 11 who was snoring or moving her arm too much so that her machine that was counting the BP or heart bip was beeping everytime.... I felt like I was in the geriatric department much old people with Maurice who was looking for his sleepers to go to the bathroom or Edwards who was waiting for his pills to take :)
During these 5 hours... i felt ... empty... i felt like a number... number 699707... all the patients received a visit from someone.... except me... the results from the analysis were negatives... which is a good thing... but Doctor n3 told me to go and get rest... did i get a treatment for my migraines? nop Did I get the number of of neurologue ? Nops.... I left the hospital... alone... got a cab and went home.... the most disappointing is that some people who I thought was caring about me and was aware I was at the hospital did not bother coming not even calling... so when I heard my friends say.... it s only when u are in the shit... that you know who is your real friends ready to dig up for ya... well I guess now I know... am I sad? no but I am disappointed for sure... but in way I was not that surprised! Oh well... shit happens right! I am still alive so no big deal... i m just having a rough time with these bloody migraines ;( I ll be gone to France on monday to try a new treatment to try to reduce the number of migraines i m having... let s hope for the best. Won t be much around blogs.... my mum who is a nurse by the way will kill me if I spend to much time on the internet with my migraines and she is right :P
Anyway, I hope you people is having a gr888888888888t time.... i ll see you in a week!
Take Care!

Introducing Isofoto :)

Hi guys..... I am happy to introduce you to my new photos's site ISOFOTO I am super happy about it. It took me a while to do it and post on it (geeezzz i have 3 sites now) well this one is very important for me because someday i m hoping i could become a real photographer as a full time job... it might take a while, it might never happened but for once i m still keeping hope!
So guys please go have a look there when you have some time, leave comments if you want, any tips, advices or else will be appreciated :)

On my latest post you will see how I used GIMP to remove ugly cables on my sunset pic that I posted on my previous post :)

Little question to end that short post: if you had the possibility to travel in the past, when you go and what would you change? :) (I ll answer the question on my next post too :)

Have a freakintastic end of the weekend!!!!