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What else

- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

Turkish Coffee said...

Dear dear, if you are still passing by occasionally, I know I haven t post lately... well since last month, but i was in a shitty mood... well i m still... but today even though it s raining I m feeling like posting :)
Doblin has been more or less lucky lately since exceptionally it seems that we have a kind of summer this year... very true ladies and gentlemen... my nose can prove it from its presently pale red color :)
So recently, two of my dear french colleagues left ... snif snif.... sad was 'La Bastille' which lost 2 of its great contributors ;( but the good news is they are living happely ever after, in a better place, with better food, better job, better weather and better pay... so we wish them best of luck *hoping this could happen to me too :P* To celebrate their success we obviously did a leaving party for Seb:

And Julie :)

And since the weather was awesome I also went to see the Street Performance World Championship with some crazy dudes specially one very flexible and damn crazy :)

This week, I went to a team event at Herbert Park, under a crazy sun!!! True, very true and here the video to prove you we got a sunny day, if u are hearing an annoying laugh or a crazy woman yelling wid a french accent .... that would be me... sorry :(

Now, yesterday I saw the Gay Pride and this time finally it was sunny, my god I remembered last year it was raining like hell, so today people were happy, and celebrating, the organization was great, and the music awesome!

Then I went to see the movie The Hangover and it was bloody hilarious, it s been 3 weeks the movie is out and still the room was fully booked!

It was great to laugh that much, then I went to the Church to drink a Corona with fresh lime, yes, we have a bar here in Doblin called the Church.... y? because it used to be a church before, and even though now it s does not look like a Church there is still piano organ on the last floor, but since it was still nice and bright at 9.30PM (the sun goes to sleep after 10PM.... which is awesome) we stayed outside to enjoy every minute of a nice day!
Today I was recruited to perform a braids hairstyle on my friend Burak :) he has long hair so it took us... yeah we were 2, 2h30 min to make his hair, and gladly he is happy about it :P

After that, to thanks us for all the effort we did, he cooked a turkish diner for us with meat ball, tomatoes, potatoes, and special rice and brown pasta .... so good my friends!... so too finish the day he made us a Turkish coffee where the actual powder of the coffee is left in the cup, yeah, it takes time to get use to it, personally when i started to get the powder in my mouth...

it gaves me goose pump, anyway, his friend read my future in the left over coffee. Yes, when u re done with the coffee, u turn the cup upside down on the small plate and then u wait till it s cold, then u take the cup and u start reading. So according to my cup of coffee, I am carrying a lot of shit in my back at the moment * to be frank that does not surprise me and that is one of the reason y i m pretty rare on my blog at the moment* BUT *drum roll* a white way it s coming *free problem road? really? is it possible?* with eventually a small bump on that road *haven t figure it out yet.... what the bump means* and at the end of that road, 2 people facing each other * could it be me and my future rich and handsome hubby?* with a fish tail * apparently the fish represents a good sign, we can only see the tail.... is it still a good sign? at least a tiny one? * So when the reading is done, we took the small plate where all the left over coffee went and we let the coffee fell down to the cup again and this time read the plate, and as u can see on the pic...

it seems there is lots of people on my plate *could it be Indian people which means that i ll go back to India soon? or maybe my family wid my dad in the middle ... the one with the grumpy face?* mmmm for that I don t know, but I hope that the remaining 6 months that are coming before i m turning..... a certain age... will bring me to that white and free-problem path :P
Ok that s it for me, have a good week ahead for those who re passing by :P take care!
Quote of the week: A diplomat is someone who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you will look forward to the trip.

10 people read it till the end and comment on it ;):

Tarun said...

U wished ur friends all the best, or u wish u were there in their place.

Sun at 10 PM,I feel I have to be a drunkard to believe it, but since u not the only one say so, I will take that.

Coffee and future, will I was just served some coffee...

Did u do any quiz from Blog things.

Keshi said...

Im glad ur writing again Cess. I missed ur funny, sensible and cool posts.

ur in Summer..u gotta get out and enjoy it b4 its over. Love the pics...alot of outdoor activities going on ha...nice!

We hv Sun up until abt 8pm in Summer...10pm is a hoot! :)

** yeah we were 2, 2h30 min to make his hair, and gladly he is happy about it


I know a bit abt Turkish cuisine and coffee...cos my bestest friend is Turkish. Love their coffee anytime!

Tell me Cess, does anyone walk on a white, problem-free path always? I dun think so. we all hv our share of shit to face as well as the rose petals. Life goes on somehow. Find some 'whiteness' in the darkest roads somehow :)

I dun often talk abt my demons, but trust me girl, Im not on the prettiest path at the moment. But I wanna stay happy no matter what. Cos Happiness is a state of mind.

u TC n all the best lovely gal!



Zubin said...

Well, before I say anything else..Julie is super hot. She looks like Elliot from "Scrubs".

Also...loved your French accent...its so sweet plus..where have you been...?? and why dont you contact on twitter anymore.

I have been pretty shitty myself lately and things have just started to look brighter.. I am sure things will soon be better with you too. :)

It rained there too? And sun not down till 10 P.M ??..thats awesome..!!

tk cr
hugzzzz... :)

Ria said...

good to see a post from u gal!!and wow tht coffee sure looked sinful! I love coffee...and i hope u come back on another trip to India. :)

Sun at 10 p.m! Eh!!now thts hard to believe! :P

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

thank god ..u r back....


but sun till 10 :O
people will die if it happens in India

Cess said...

yeah sun, currently since i m in france, it s almost half pas nine pm i m outside wearing a tee shirt, on a long comfy pool chair, drinkin tea, enjoyin day light and fresh breeze of air :P

Cess said...

for the sun at 10 read my reply to Tarun, i haven t been so happy and relaxed in months, it is great to be home :)

++does anyone walk on a white, problem-free path always?++ of course not, and even if i hope to walk on a white pb free path it won t be eternal, plus along that white path there is a small bump in the middle :P so it ain t completely free u see :P

++Im not on the prettiest path at the moment.++
hey girl hope it will get better, u know i m still away from a mail only if u wanna share ur shit wid me :P in the meantime dunno if u know the site, listen to, right now i m listening to some soft latin music and makes me feel relaxed... at least for a short time it s better than nothing :)

Cess said...

I ll pass the message to Julie :P

Cess said...

I hope i can come back to India soon too :) very soon!!!!
as for the sun read my first reply and watch the next post ;)
tc girl

Cess said...

well it depends how strong the sun is :) here it s perfect :) u should come visit me in south of france!