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- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

What's up wid me?

So what happened, since I went back from India, after my actual depressing mood (which occasionally come back hitting me every time i m talking to one of my India friends complaining about the hot weather when the only thing i can see through my windows is rain....rain..rain... if at least it could rain men...)

I took on a challenge, I had to broke up with my 10 years old long time relationship with my boyfriend aka my 'extra kilos' yes this is my longest relationship, not with a human well yeah a part of a human actually a part of me.

Thanks to the hot and humid Indian weather and the spicy food I lost weight by obligation, I must say it is quite challenging now, since the weather is no longer hot and humid, and the food is bland again more than that i m surrounded by junk food. I m going 3 times a week to the gym, that s even a bigger challenge since the last time I put a feet in the gym was a year ago :) but i must say that i m still doin it, i haven t loose hope at least for now...

Tomorrow i m going to meet a coach, the first time he talked to me he scares the shit of me...
'ARE U serious?' (with a deep military voice)
'erm yeah i guess'
' ok so waht are we gonna do is a first assessment, i m gonna weight ur fat mass, ur weight mass [blabla blabla bla] then a second assessement regarding ur eating higiene....ARE U REALLY sure u re serious?'
'SIR YES SIR' ok i did not reply like that but i really feel like doin so... so hopefully it will help me fighting the scale :)

As for the rest, even if know i m living with a great guy in a great flat, It will be
4 years since i m living in Ireland and to be frank with you it is time for me to move on... nothing has been planned yet... and due to the actual crisis it might take a while but it s on the back of my mind and hopefully by the end of the year things will change :)
Other than that i m trying to keep myself occupy by going to the gym, to the toastmasters, by the way I am officially a Competent Toastmaster, I completed my final stage 'Inspire your audience' ( I past my speech at the end of the post if you fancy reading it :P ), I m trying to see my friends as much as I can.

The following part of the post is rated 'Adult content' if you re not comfortable with your body or don t want to talk about it, skip the pinkish part:

I went to see a play yesterday called 'The Vagina Monologues' with 4 girls and a very courageous man :P I was very interesting, u can learn quite a few things and I m planning on buying the book from Eve Ensler who interviewed not less than 200 hundred women from every age about their views on sex, relationships, sexual parts and also violence against women.
It was funny, sometimes sad, and very interesting. Some acts as monologues were hilarious, you had this girl who called herself a 'Moaner' and interpret the different types of orgasms women can have I particularly like the 'catholic one' and the 'doggy style one' or this woman who acted as a 77 years old woman who never look at her vagina nor call it like that but instead her 'down there' or this woman who had to give name her body parts :P... I m leaving you with this quote from the Director of the play 'Vagina should be adored not hidden away....'

Tonight i m going to the Havana cafe listen to some cuban music with food wid friends :)
And saturday morning i m flying for Cork (south of Ireland) to meet my friends and go to the Festnoz (french party from the Brittany region) with crepes and cider :) it is time for me to have some fun :)
I hope you guys are doing great and that you don t miss me too much :P I ll try to pass by your blog asap. In the mean time, take care of yourself.

Speech 10, final stage from The Competent Communicator Toastmaster: Inspire your audience. I got inspired from a speech I found on the internet which I turned into my own story with my own experience and way of thinking :)
It is in your head…

For every action there is a reaction. If you cut your finger with a kitchen knife you might say ‘ouch’ or be more eloquent in terms of swearing words. You might up on the floor thinking you re gonna die because you are loosing an incredible amount of blood… you might also blame your husband because he was the one talking to you while you were cutting that zucchini… or you might was your finger with cold tap water… take again the kitchen knife and cut the rest of that lonely zucchini… You act according to your own personality and have no power to do it differently… or do you?

If someone was giving you 500 euros to change your behavior, would that make a difference? Do you think you would have more power? I think most of us… me first… will quickly learn how to change our emotions if we knew we had something to gain. The fact is, we do have the power to choose our reactions.
It is not what happening to us that makes our lives… but it is the way we react to it. Cutting your finger with a knife is part of the small irritations in your life… how would face a bigger problem? Disease, conflicts, financial problems, death?

Have you heard of someone named Hellen Keller. Helen Keller was born in 1880 and was an American author, political activist and lecturer in the 20th century. Did I mention she contracted an illness when she was 1 and half years old that left her blind and deaf with almost a complete lack of language? However she managed to create with her 6 years old neighbor a simple sign language with her. She later learned Braille and used it not only to read English but also French, German, Greek and Latin. She could have spend her life in an institute and be depressed about her condition and what happened to her but instead she campaigned for women s suffrage, workers right and socialism as well as many other progressives cause. She travelled worldwide raising funds for blind and wrote 12 published books among other great achievements.
On September 1964, the president of USA awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

We don t have to be the victim of circumstances. We have the power and freedom to make a choice on how we are going to react.
We do not have to be dependant to our emotional reactions. Of course we should not ignore them, when things go wrong we hurt. We re gonna feel pain… anger… frustrations… this is normal. Emotions are a part of us, we need time to process them and work through them.

We know life is not gonna be easy and that we are going to face challenges. But we can mope, cry and become and alcoholic or we can get up and move on to the next phase of our lives. There is no excuse to become an addict, you chose to go to that liquor store and buy the beer.

So how can we choose our reaction? Can we really control our emotions? I believe that our biggest asset is in our head, we have one of the most powerful tool inside our head… our will…
If we set our will in the right direction our emotions will follow behind. I don t say it is going to be easy all the time.
During 10 years I have been fighting to loose weight, and during 10 years I heard my dad saying ‘ if you wanna loose weight you need will’ and during 10 years I told my dad ‘it is easy to say it when you don t have to loose weight’. But then I just spent 3 weeks in India and for whatever reasons maybe the heat or the spicy food I lost weight and when I came back to Dublin I started to go to the gym 3 times a week and try to eat healthier. I have to tell you it s not easy for me… many times I was about to give up … At some point I lost 7 kilos but then gained 2 kg, I felt frustrated and angry at myself. 3 months ago I would have stop tryin right away and I would have probably spend some time with my best friend at that time … I called him The fridge but I built that incredible will and start to talk to myself… ‘listen take your runners and go to the gym instead of complaining you want to loose weight faster… you know it is not gonna happen in 2 weeks’ and instead of grabbing a twix to ease my sorrow I took my runners and went to visit the treadmill to kill some calories.

If you are willing to be happy, you will eventually feel happy. WE only become brave if we are willing to be brave when we are scared.
I choose to loose weight, I know it is going to be challenging but I have the power to make that decision. And with a stronger will my emotional reactions as frustration or anger are getting diminished and eventually with hard work replaceable by energy and positive attitude toward my goal.
So it is up to you. Are you going to be a victim of circumstances, or will you choose how to react.

Will you throw away that kitchen knife or will you use it to shape a stronger you…. You decide....

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Chronicwriter said...

i wanna listen to cuban music now


and glad to know that you are shedding weight..

i wanna put on some weight


Tarun said...

I would use the kitchen knife to make some potato chops.

Keshi said...

yeyy Im glad to hear abt ur weighloss! :)

**not with a human well yeah a part of a human actually a part of me.

LOL Cess!

*The VM

I've heard abt it. And hey d u know theres a book called 'how to keep ur Vagina happy'? There is I swear lol!


MultiMenon said...

Congratulations on shedding weight..nice formula rite??An Indian sojourn,indian curry,Instant relief to a ever-so-persistent issue.. :p

Heard abt VM,yeah!! :)

Am bak btw..!!read ur posts on Inda,beautiful.. :) U met hemz too,great.. :D


Hemanth Potluri said...

congrats on lossing the weight sweety i to am trying to loose some highly :)...


Renu said...

U lost wt in India and me gaining here:)

your speech is fabulous and very inspiring .

Cess said...

@ chriz
:) good, yeah i hate those people who can eat as much as they want and take a grams :P
I wish i could be like that too :)

Cess said...




Cess said...

thanks sweetie it s damn pretty hard but i m keeping the good work so let s hope for the best :)
Never heard of the book but i m trusting u, i m planning on buying the book of the monologues myself :)

Cess said...


hey thanks :) glad u re back.
Yeah my trip to India was amazing I wish i could be there again :) and yes I was lucky enough to met Hems :)

Cess said...

Thanks Bond, hope it will work for u too sweetie.

Cess said...


he he, well u ll loose the weight too when u re back to India and the heat :) u need food in Europe/us to keep u warm :)
Thanks for the speech :)

rabbit said...

great to hear that u are working out.
take high protein diet and forget fat...just carbs and protein.

come on frenchess u can and u will do it.

And watch .. The secret.IT's about law of attraction.

tc and hugs

Keshi said...

hey girl I miss ya...u dun post all that much now, d u? :(

well guess what...even Im getting a lil detached these days...hmmm...


Ria said...

wassup with u babe??its been long since i saw a post on ur blog. So jus came to check on u. :)

Cess said...


thanks man for the support :)

Cess said...

@ Keshi

hi girl sorry for the late reply, yeah i do not post much :( i m not feelin really good, and every time i wanna post I can t find a good thing to post about :( I dunno it will be better soon I hope! I need to work hard to make things changed and it s not easy :(
but i m still reading you :) always a pleasure :)

Cess said...

@ Ria
hey sweetie thanks for the concern, i m ok type, just having a bad month, i need some summer :) It will be better by july once i m gathered with my family for my granpa bday, hope to post by then.
U have a great time and keep posting :)
tc Missy
PS: i m still on facebook anyway to catch wid me :)

Keshi said...

awww...take a break if u must. I just miss ur funny n entertaining posts, thats all girl.

*HUGZ* keep it real, like u always do :)