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- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

Visiting Hyderabad

Tuesday and Wednesday were tourist days, where I spent almost 8h on the car just to visit a part of Hyderabad. Unfortunately due to my poor knowledge and tiny memory with names I can t record all the places I have been visiting, I m guessing pictures are better than blablabla... so let s just put some random thoughts...
I ve seen the Charminar, I asked a couple of my friends from Hyd who were incapable to tell why the Charminar is famous for!

I ve seen a big big museum but I won t have any pics and the reason is because u were not allowed to take some ;(
I also had to pay a 'non indian' ticket for the outrageous price of 150 rupees!!!! :P
And i experienced for the first time the 'non-tourist loo':
I entered the loo looking around looking for toilet paper... no trace of it... damn.... I was looking for the tiny pommel shower thingy... could not find it... now I started to freak out!!! How on earth should I do u know what i mean right, I was not psychologically prepared to do it with the water from the toilet!!! So I closed the door when I saw hiding behind the door a tiny tap with a small pichet underneath?? seriously!!!! Frankly I was sooo not prepared for it and I was praying to find tissues in my bagback... thank u I had some!
Then I visited the outside of a very colorful temple, now I could not go inside cause I was not spiritually dressed enough, apparently my dress was right above the knee :(

Now the things I have seen.....
- A driving school ... in India... OMG, i guess if u learn how to drive in India u can drive anywhere else!!!!

- Women wearing the 'burka' standing outside under 40 degrees... as a remember for those who read me and anyway most of u are Indians so u know how a burka looks like, the only thing u see is the eyes, and it is black, and for what I know... black attract the heat... that s right, for me wearing a burka it s like a portable sauna!!!!

And these ladies were chatting and laughing while me in the car with my white dress... pearls of sweat were sliding all the way down to my spinal colomn!
Then during the evening I experienced my first Auto ride, funny thing is It stared to rain AGAIN that night the moment we enter the auto:

(she s feeling shy :) )
This was such a great experience, I had some much fun, I saw I would die at least 3 times and half of me was drenched cz of the rain but i kept laughing during the all trip to the sari shop :) where I bought my first sari! (Don t laugh at me!)

Wednesday i went to visit the 7 Domes ... On my way, I ve seen the Golconda fort:

I did not not get inside this time cause they did not want me to take pics grrrrr so on the way to the domes we drove through a road with 200 years old houses and lots of small shops including some butchers! Now u have to remember i m not posh but i m from Europe and I m guessing standards are different, when i saw this man cutting meat on a piece of wood with no a/c or fridge or whatsoever under a 40 degrees day!!!!

and when I saw him sitting on that piece of wood with his barefeet 30cm away from the meat I almost fell sick.... that would be a trip to jail in france if someone who d dare selling meat like that cz it would kill a lot of fragile metabolims people like me!

So I did not know that the domes where actually graveyard, the biggest one I have ever seen in my entire life!!!!! So my tour guide was telling which king was buried in which dome... now the most important fact of the tour was that:
The grandfather of the 5th king was buried in the middle of the garden like a servant who d be buried except that the graveyard was in marble ok but HOWEVER the 2 mistresses of the 14th king had each other ONE SINGLE DOME for themselves!!!!!!!!! And when I asked the tour guide why on earth a king who d give such privilege for his mistresses, he told because they were famous!!! What about family!!!! Poor granpa!!!!!!!
Anyway after that, I spent i could say more than 6 hours in traffic jam in total that day! I went with my friend Zareen to pick up my sari :) then she absolutely wanted me to get some bangles and a bindi to put on my forehead so we took an auto to go there

(I felt so girly girly today at the office wearing the outfit, take a look at it cz u ain t gonna see me like that often!)
Then we pick a cake and then we head to her cousin place and then we went to her place where her mum and aunts cooked less spicy food for and kept complimented me about my fair color! The food was delicious they even made a less sweet desert for me :)
But all the traffic and the time spent on the auto and cab killed my enjoyment ;( I felt so tired and dirty with the dust we got while in the auto, i can t believe i m saying that but it was much more fun with the rain :P (due to the heat i m temporarly insane to say i like the rain :P ).
Now that s it for now, today we are thursday and I m on the way to take a train to bangalore with Sid then hit the road to Coorg, i ll be back in hyd on tuesday morning but i ll be going to the airport directly where i ll take a plane to Vizag where i ll meet my friend Hems :P
So i won t update this blog until next friday i think :P In the mean time have fun, don t miss me too much!

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Senorita said...


Mehehehe Shy nah! Look , who was shy today :P lolz.

Ppl commenting you sayin " wow "Lovely " Beautiful" all the day today :) .

And for the Nth time from my end " You are looking so sooo soo pretty in Saree , Bindi & Bangles today " . To be honest being an Indian I cant carry sari so well as you did. So pat your back. Kudos to you :)

Have a safe trip and have tons of fun . Seeya soon :)

Tarun said...

I thought golconda fort would have been worth the trip.
The meuseum was perhaps Sala Jung Mueseum.

Charminar, I dont know the relevance but u got pearls there.

I think Bangalore may give u some respite from heat.

Anyways summer has just started.
U looked fab in the Sari ... :)
Enjoy the trip.

Ria said...

hey u lukin damn cute in the Sari and Bindi. :) And good to knw tht u had a good time at Hyderabad. Well, abt crowds u'll find it everywhere in India. ;)

Hemanth Potluri said...

welll i want to se wat post it wud be on tuesday :P..


Chronicwriter said...

cess is truly having fun.. your way of talking abt our country makes me laugh.. tp, then the drivng school..portable sauna.. man funny.. keep them coming

Abhinav said...

Looks like you are enjoying India very much..! :)

Cess said...

@ Senorita
thank u sweetie, but u have to understand I was out of my comfort zone wearing all these girly girly things this day!

Cess said...

@ Tarun
thank u for the compliment, and yes i got some pearls in hyd pretty cool. :P

Cess said...

thank u sweetie :P
PS: saw ur post on Goa, cute bf btw :P

Cess said...

@ Hems
well well we ll see about that mister, u ll check my blog on friday :P
PS: lookin good today btw :P

Cess said...

@ Chrizzzzz
hey thanks buddy, i heard by Hems it was ur bday recently so I m wishing a late happy bday !!!!!!
I m in Vizag with Hems at the moment, will go to Chennai next week :)

Cess said...

@ Abhi
yes I do even though it s pretty hot and spicy for me I m still trying to enjoy it as much as I can :P

Renu said...

You are looking very sweet:) and if you found Hyderabad hot, then wait for Chennai...for me Hyderabad was very cool, chennai I am reeling in the heat.

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...


u are looking so gorgeous in saree :P
and people do a lot of things for the mistress :D

btw the Charminar was famous coz of it four minarets's a mosque built after the famous plague as a token of gratitude to Allah for curing the plague

Ani said...

sarreeeee oooo niceee babezzz..

this is myy cittyy.. :)