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Trip to Vizag... met Hems!

2 weeks ago I went to Vizag or Vishakapatnam to meet the newly handsome tall and confident Hems Bond.
I came back from Blore by train, took a cab to Hyd airport and wait 6 hours there. And I experienced a pretty scariest moment in my life. I was waiting for the Jet lite check in to open, reading magazine, when a military guy came in and asked me if the bag 1 row behind me was mine.
'no sir'
Then he asked people around who replied same like me. I m sure all of u who took a flight recently have heard the airport security announcement 'this is a security annoucement [...] unattended bag will be destroyed' well, right behind me was a lonely 'unattended bag' yes...
'Can you step away Mam' *no no I d rather stay next to it in case it blows up* duh!!! u don t ask me twice to step away, so of course i moved 20 meters away although if u think of it rationaly 20 meters... won t save my ass if the bag is a bomb. Anyway 3 min later a dude came back, this asshole went to take leak, I was so close to throw him away my pair of 3 euros flip flop bought at Penneys in his face to scare the shit out of me.
I arrived in Vizag Airport 1h late where Hems was waiting for me. We spent the 1st afternoon meeting his parents and grand parents who kindly allowed me to sleep over.

On wednesday we went for lunch in a restaurant called Tulips with Hems and his friend Kumar. It was my best meal of the week people AND it was NOT spicy but tasty ;)
Then these 2 guys gently followed me during my shopping time where i bought some anklers (really nice by the way).
We then went to the beach where i got the chance to taste the perfect temperature water but we were not allowed to swim sadly ;( a consolation I got the chance to see some Navy guys roaming around wearing a tiny swim short and 6 packs :P among kids playing in the water and some buffalo looking for fresher ground.

Then we went to a park up to the hill, and of course i forgot the name ;(, but it was lovely with nice view of Vizag, the sea, the colorful temple and big statues (that of course i forgot the name :P) but i m sure Hems will comment the names :)
Unfortunately for me, the heat mized with the humidity hit me hard, I was sweating like hell, feeling sleepy, I got Hems worried ;(, sorry sweetie ;( So we went home desperately looking for a shower and a cooler.
On thursday, the most memorable experienced of the day was the movie I went to see wid Hems. We went to a theater to see fast and furious4. When we arrived it was mostly men around and as usual everyone was staring at me. Then I decided to go to the loo, like I always do before going to see a movie.... oh my!!!!
Soap, sink, higiene were obviously not a priority but the weirdest thing was there were well some traditional turkish style bathroom with doors obviously but also some that looks like what i m gonna call 'pee cubicles', same as the turskish one but without doors... really!!!! who could possibly pee there, and i double checked it was ladies loo, even if there is a huge and i m desperately in need to pee NO WAY, beside, u have to remember for a guy it s easy, it s only a zipper to open, for us ladies, the trousers goes down to the knee!!!!!!! intimacy?
Then we moved to the entry of the room, and the first thing that came into my nose was the smell!!! woow!!! can t describe it but i can tell you it was not smelling lavender! Now the thing is there is 10, 20, 40 and 60 rupess seats, which is different from the one price seat of 670 rupees in Ireland rich and poor same price too bad! So I was prayin that Hems took the 60 rupees see to go as far as possible from the smell. As for the rest well it s like Ireland, people chatting or answering the phone same thing!!!!
Then we got an 'entracte' ok i can understand the necessity to have an entracte for a 3h movie but for a 1h40 min movie??? really??? and the funny thing is, they don t use filmed commercial to advertise no they use 'diapositives' !!!! so old fashion, it s been ages i haven t seen stuff like that!!! But you know it s less expensive so a penny is a penny!
Now that I ll remember a movie in Vizag, the other thing i will surely remember forever was the Hems' mum homemade curd.... so freakin delicious!!!!!! I loved it so much!!!!! I could eat every day :) They ve been very kind with, tryin to cook some non spicy stuff for me but i ll surely remember the most THE curd.

Now on friday morning before I left for Hyd, I went to a park, I had the great opportunity to photograph the future handsome Bollywood Bond Mister Bond, Hems Bond... see for yourself ladies... (btw he is single :P).
Ok this is for Vizag... I was a memorable trip for me.. see pics of Vizag HERE .

PS: next on It s in the Eire... Trip to Chennai and Pondi... final days in India ;(

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Anonymous said...

I wish rain to arrive.

Tarun said...

Well, U surely had a good time.
Vizag is awesome, but I havent been there, have some friends from vizag.

oo7 said...

quite an adventure ...


Hemanth Potluri said...

:D.....i am chooooo happpy ...:) check my post i will name all the pics after some time :D...


Keshi said...

WC home then :) Im guessing u must be severely jet-lagged and depressed due to ur holiday being over. I so know the feeling!

*HUGZ* we missed ur regular presence in Blogville tho!

WOW Hemz is looking like real Mr.Bond ha! Looking good Hemz! ;-)

Cess it sounds like u had a whale of a time in India, visiting all those lovely lil sacred cities, the beach, friends, what a great break girl!

beautiful pics and nostalgic post!

Im glad u caught up with Hemz...and that u 2 met. Must hv been really nice :)


Keshi said...

**Navy guys roaming around wearing a tiny swim short and 6 packs

is that him in the pic with yellow trunks? lol!


SMM said...

Vizag is a beautiful place and I'm glad that you had a wonderful trip overall to India :)

Ria said...

Hmm and we spoke as well! :) I hope u come back to India and visit Mumbai this time. :)

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

yeah yeah lucky one...i've heard of de vizag spl gem called hemz too...n im waitin 2 meet de wonder sumday :)

Renu said...

Hey Cess, we have good cinema halls also, U should have seen Inox in all depends on our affordability...more we pay pay better we get.
Yesterday I paid 75 Euro for a 6 hour jouirney in II class, , in the same money I would have gone by air in India and the journey would have been of much lesser time and with better comfort

Cess said...

@ Hobo
well u don t have to wish the rain to come to ireland, it s ALWAYS there :P

Cess said...

@ Tarun
u should go check out that place it s pretty cool and there is nice people there too :)

Cess said...

yeah i m sad it s over now :(

Cess said...

@ Hems
thanks Hems, glad u like it
tc baby

Cess said...

@ Keshi
**Im guessing u must be severely jet-lagged and depressed due to ur holiday being over. ** so bad, it s been almost 2 weeks and I m still depressed!
**we missed ur regular presence in Blogville tho!** i m trying to come back but i don t feel like right now :(

**Hemz is looking like real Mr.Bond ha! Looking good Hemz! ;-)** he s looking handsome :)

**Im glad u caught up with Hemz...and that u 2 met. Must hv been really nice :)** yes it s great to finally meet some blogger friends for real :)


Cess said...

@ Keshi
yeah that the pic but he was not the prettiest, but i could not take a pic of him, cz i took all the pics without their knowledge, i was too shy to ask them :P

Cess said...

Hi girl thanks for coming, yeah I had a great time there, I hope to see you when i ll come to visit north of india ... possibly by the end of this year :)

Cess said...

@ Ria
yeah we spoke, sorry i did not put it ;( but yeah next time ill visit u in Mumbai :)
tc girl

Cess said...


thanks for passing by :) I know i was very very lucky to go to Vizag and met Hems :)

Cess said...

@ Renu
++ we have good cinema halls also++
oh i know, i ve seen better cinema so I just talked about my experience with that particular cinema :P
++Yesterday I paid 75 Euro for a 6 hour jouirney in II class,++ I know it s bloody expensive in Europe compare to India!!!!!

Ani said...

aaaahhh nostalgiaaaaa

i wanna go home.. sob sob