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The day i fainted... part [1/2]

It was in 2003... I was in Marseille, south of france doing my master. Marseille is a gorgeous city well that s not the point I wanted to make today, just a fact *shut up! and proceed*
I don t remembered the exact date, but it was a couple of weeks after my birthday, I do remember it very well since I got the most alcoholic bday with my friend vodka-caramel.
I m telling u, there is advantage and inconvenient when u know the owner of a bar cz usually u always have few free drinks, but when it s ur bday between friends who pay for u and the waiters who had strict order to never leave with an empty glass.... bad idea!
I m gonna spare u the details of what happened the following night, but the next day when I went to my hometown to spend the weekend with my uncle, it was pretty funny.
I arrived at noon for lunch, i have to say that the one hour drive to go there was pretty tiring, mostly because I did not much sleep, i spent most of my time having a private discussion with my loo:)
So when my uncle saw me first he knew right away i had a pretty heavy night before, he already saw me in that shape, I used to do the Feria each year which is a big fiesta celebration during a week in my hometown, and I used to sleep to my uncle s so he knew. But my naive granpa was missing the point, he did not understand why I was sitting on the sofa instead of at the table drinking an 'apéro' mostly a ricard my favorite alcohol that we use to have when we were doing a diner with family or friends before the meal.
I remember my grandpa saying:
'what s wrong with her'
and my uncle replying:
'leave it, i m sure she had a tough night, she ll take an aspirine and be in shape for diner :)'
then my grandpa to say:
'it s funny I haven t notice that she has that much of freckles on her face'
well he was right I did not have that much of freckles before my bday but when I told u I spent the rest of the night discussing private matters with my loos, well u know at some point there is not much u can say when everything is gone it s gone, but nahan it did not stop me, which made the discussion even more painful that is the reason why i had some fake freckles who disappears a couple of days later. I hope u got my point cz for ur own health i won t go deeper in details on my conversation with my loos :)
*awkward moment... did they got the metaphore?*
Anyway, let s move to the real topic of my post, that was a pretty long introduction. So a couple of weeks later, I was having some bad migraines, and for those who don t know I am a migraine person for 9 years now. So I have seen dozen of doctors and took dozen of drugs, nothing so far fixed it. This time my mum sent me some new pills for the migraine.
I was about to spend the weekend with my grandma actually. So in the morning I was supposed to go to class, but I woke up with a migraine, and trust me when I woke with a migraine, i m sooo grumpy and frustrated because of it but there is nothing i can do cz it s too painful. I took some lights pills first, my mum advise me to take them when the pain is really bad. I waited till the middle of the afternoon when I could not stand it anymore. I took them, so far I was ok, and I was starting to pack my bag to take my car to see grandma.
1 hour later, I felt I dunno how to explain but lighter yes like I lost 10kg like that, or when u are in a swimming pool u do feel lighter. Anyway, I took my bag and got into my car. I sate on my seat and i say 30 seconds later I fell in sleep just like that, well for 5 seconds only I guess cz my head practically smashed the wheel driver BAM that did not wake me up, no the horn woke me up cz he was in the middle of the wheel driver * yes I had an old car, I was a student... well now that i m an employee I don t have a car!*
So I jumped out of my seat thinking that's not right, something wrong with the pills I took. I got out of the car to go back home, I did not have any time, I open the door of the car, one foot on the ground, stand up and I guess I freakin fell on the ground before my second foot hit the floor....lucky me my right arm was still king of functional and grabed the door before I fell so that I could hit the floor softer... I only got a bruise on my left arm, my head, and my @ss but it s ok I had some 'thicker skin' to avoid collateral damage :)
So what happened next was..... well I m not gonna tell u, no i ll tell on my next post :P *evil laugh* now u tell me what u think happened next? and be creative!

Have fun People :P
PS: i m coming soon to ur blogs, sorry if it took me some time, I could not find any ideas to blog!!!!!

24 people read it till the end and comment on it ;):

Winnie the poohi said...

must have been some show :D :D

did u break anything ?

Ani said...

hehe ohh well..

i dont know what to say..

hnnnmm.. u just ended up doozzin of there.. lol.. :P

cant wait for the next post.. :)

Renu said...

cant wait for ur next post:) BTW this new template is beautiful .

--xh-- said...

must hv made people around u kept amused :) sad that we cant see it.. waiting for next post...

Hemanth Potluri said...

new template huh! :)..

did ya break anything :(....nice to see ya bloggin :)..


SMM said...

Cess, firstly I really like your new template.

Secondly, i'm wondering of grandpa did get to know how you had suddenly developed freckles that day :P

rantravereflect/ jane said...

there was a really cute guy around, who watched you FALL, n well, let's just say, i'm gonna spare you the embarrassment of the kinky details of what hasppened that very noght ;)

Tarun said...

Nice Template.
The post took a while coming.


Ria said...

gosh tht was something....wish i was there. ;) Anyways good to see a post coming from u after a long time.And hey i love ur new template. :)

Keshi said...

I hv fallen enough times I cud almost tell every detail of how u fell lol!


Prashant Sree said...

Seems the war against the migraines continues ;)

So suspense left for the next episode..?

Nice post.. Keep writing :)

!Teq-uila Del Zapata said...

i thought i write blogs totally abt myself, but i was wrong. but then making such an abrupt ending is so bad, nevermind, i like the blog in general.

Cess said...

@ Winnie
he he no i did not break anything, couple of bruises :P

Cess said...

@ Ani
he he thanks for trying :) will tell u soon what happened :)

Cess said...

@ Renu


Cess said...


he he, sad we can t see it, well sorry dude but i won t do it again just for fun :P

Cess said...

@ Hems

nothing broke sweetie just some bruises well u ll see in the next post.

Cess said...


thank u

And as for my grandpa, well my uncle made him well aware of my situation while i was sleepin so i got the point after all :P


Cess said...

@ Jane

he he ..... u ll see on the next post!

Cess said...


hey easy tiger, u know how difficult it was for me to come up wid something :)

Cess said...

@ Ria

thanks and thank u :P


Cess said...

@ Keshi

he he, lol, yeah, well me too if i had to post about my fell god it will be the longest post EVER!

Cess said...

@ P Sree
he he well it started a long time ago, i keep fighting it though!!!!
thanks for passing P

Cess said...

@ !Teq-uila Del Zapata

++i thought i write blogs totally abt myself, but i was wrong.++
that s a pretty straight fwd entrance for a first time here :) what do u want me to write about in my blog?

++but then making such an abrupt ending is so bad, nevermind++ i m not sure i got ur point here, or maybe i did not make myself clear enough, the story sorry the true story :P happened to me in 2003, and well since my post was already long enough i cut it before telling what happened to me when I fainted which will be the subject of my next post... y where did u want me to cut it?