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- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

The pics tag

Yesterday I woke up wid the migraine, and damn I hate to wake up with one, it makes me grumpy and then completely stoned with the strong medicine I had to take, which makes me unable to work and sometimes like yesterday even nauseous, anyway i m not gonna through the details of my so boring life right now, I had to go home to sleep and the migraine finally left around 8PM ;(
Now it is 7AM and yes I am awake that early probably because I slept a lot yesterday, gladly i m sure u are all happy to know that I woke this morning migraine free yeah!!!
Anyway, today I m doing a tag that Renu tagged me last year and I found pretty cool.
The rules are simple:
Answer the questions below and do a Google image search on your answer, pick a picture from the results on the first page, with minimal explanation.

1 the age you will be in your next birthday: soon to be 29 ;(
I know i know it s not that bad but if I look behind me at my past life I dunno I feel i m a bit late on things i d like to achieve in term of private and professional life, anyway here the pic I got for:

2 A place you’d like to travel to: India
Duhh I think it s pretty obvious wid the number of time I mentioned it in my blog :P btw I m going to the Indian Embassy this friday :D

3 Your Favorite place: La Grande Motte
If you look at the pic the architecture of this city is pretty weird and for some ugly but My grandma bought a flat here in 1981 1 year after my birth, this is where I spent my summer when i was a child, where I had my first parties with friends, I have so many good memories here that every time I can i m trying to go there at least once a year even if i m living abroad cz I m happy when i m here.

4 Your favorite food/drink: cheese and ricard
We have more than 400 varieties of cheese in France how can I NOT love cheese!!! as for the drink, I m from south of france, once I tasted Ricard and I love it ;P


5 Your Favorite pet: dogs
I am more a dog person than a cat person and we re talking about pet not animal because of course my favorite animal is the cow :D But for the pet, it s the dog and more precisely the Golden coker, we had 3 of them Oscar first, then Troquet (my favorite one) and then Bistro, I looooove these dogs. Now my mum has some cats, u ve seen the previous posts already :P

6 Your favorite color combination: black and red
I m a big fan of black, since all time, my mum was scolding me when i was around 16 and force me to buy some brown and grey clothes to change a bit, at that time I hated it, now I like brown as well :P still hate grey :P Anyway, i also love red so black and red which is also the color of the rugby team in my town or the title of a french song by Jeanne Mas, why i m saying that it s people some people used to make fun of me telling me i was a fan of the rugby team or the singer... whatever

7 Your favorite piece of clothing: tunic
Actually I don t have a favorite one, simply we don t have special clothes in France or wait we do but it s more for a celebration and wear by old people not on a daily basis. So i said the tunic because it covers the part that need to be cover regarding me :) and because my grandma can make some great and original tunic for me only :)

8 Your all time favorite song: pep's Liberta
I do not have a all time favorite song, I tried to remember and look in my library if there is one, but i can t. It depends on my mood, so right now at the moment my favorite song is Liberta from Pep's but next week it might be something else:P

9 Your favorite TV show: Friends
Same thing for the song, I don t have one, I 'like' many but i m not a big fan of one, same thing for singer or actor, I m not just crazy about one person, i just like some that s it. So i m gonna say friends because I bought the entire collection but that s it

10 Full name of your significant other: he he well...
... there is NO significant other in my life so no picture :P

11 The town in which you live in: Dooooblin
no comment on this one

12 Your screen name/nickname: Cess
Look what i found, I am an industrial strenght :P

13 Your First job: cashier
I was not sure about this one, cz I also remembered I used to sell flowers with my aunt at the market but i dont remembered which one came first. I was a cashier as a student job during weekend and holidays.

14 Your Dream job: photographer
Originally my first dream job was to be Comedian, i still would not mind to be one, a humoristic one, but since i develop a passion for photos i d like to be pay to travel around and take pics :)

15 Bad Habit you have: excuse my french :P
Yes, when i speak in French i have the tendency to fulfill the expression 'Excuse my French'. My mum wanted me to pay 1 euro every time I used the word 'Putain' that i m not gonna translate but that I used instead of the traditional dot (.) at the end of the sentence. Gladly for u u won t hear speak French, beeing vulgare in english is boring since there is not much vocabulary compare to our lovely french one :D

16 Your worst fear: spider
Spider is my all time biggest fear, actually I google the word and just by looking at the thumbnails I was already feeling sick, one pic was about a spider bite Oh my freakin god it was so AWFUL, this is a reason why i won t visit some extreme tropical countries to avoid an unexpected meet with one spider, so I won t put a pic of a spider on my blog NO WAY.

17 The one thing you’ll like to do before you die: travel
well I had to put an answer so I put that, I guess that If i know I m gonna die yes I d like to see all my family first and then travel till i die to see as much as i can.

18 first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000: buy a house
I was tempted to do a world trip, but i think i ll prefer to buy a house first and then travel around, so when i ll be back I will have a house for me :P

And now I have to tag people... i m gonna tag 3 people but u don t have to do it if it s not ur thing!
U take care People!

38 people read it till the end and comment on it ;):

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

hey cute tag :P

don worry u will be ok even if ur turn 29 :P

u kno 30 is the right age for woman :P

do take care of u..a good sleep is best remedy against migraines and I kno because I have it every morning..m kindda in love with feels so awkward wen I dont have it :D

Cess said...

@ Sourish
yeah yeah we ll see about it, as for the 30 is the right age well i guess it depends of the woman

i did sleep a lot yesterday so I feel better now, dunno how u can cope with a migraine every morning

tc babs

--xh-- said...

ncie tag.. like the expleneations and pics... will take up this one soon :)

migraine - i know hw bad it is... used ot suffer from it for years.. now almost cured.. took some ayurvedic medicines... man, it is like totall hell, whn you wakeup with migraine...

Cess said...

@ xh

thanks, i m looking fwd to see urs now.
and yeah migraine is a big an long time pb for me :(


Chriz said...

welkum to india.. i love dogs too..

and take care of your migrane

Cess said...

@ Criz

hey sweetie thanks, hope to see u in Chennai.
I ll take of my migraine which is gone today :P

Hemanth Potluri said...

that was a sweet tag :P...omg i am tagged :)..

u take care sweetie sleep more then the health will be ok...turing 29 is not a big deal...i second sourish with the matter :)..

tc sweetie

lots of love


Cess said...

@ HEms

easy baby it is just a tag :P but i m waiting to see u doing it now

yeah yeah will see when u re gonna turn 29 :D

tc babs


Keshi said...

cute pic tag Cess!

So wut r ya gonna do for ur last 20+ bday? :)

bro really? 30 is the RIGHT age for what?

*HUGZ* Cess!


Cess said...

@ Keshi
don t think i m gonna do much but now u made me realize it s my last 20+ bday it s so depressing :(
I m doing a housewarming party this weekend and since my bday is really close i won t do an other crazy party home.
But next year my aunt and I are turning the big 0, 50 and 30 so we will celebrate it :P

Renu said...

beautifully done:)
I was really amazed to see the varieties of cheese in France.

Tarun said...

I love cheese.

Ria said...

hey those were some interesting answers and some really good pics. :)

Cess said...

@ Ria

U are tagged btw to do it sweetie please please please :P


Shrav said...

wow!! beautiful answers and beautiful pics!!

btw, when are you coming to India?? Have fun when you come here!!

oo7 said...

nicely done frenchess

take care

Vani said...

Very cute pic tag!
Loved the pic u put up for the 1st one :D
400 varieties of Cheese!! mmm.Yummy

Cess said...

@ Shrav

hey, thanks S

Normally i m supposed to come the 28th of february so pretty soon, very excited about it :P
where u from in India?

Cess said...

@ oo7

hey thanks French Cuty :P

Cess said...

@ Vani
Thanks feel free to take it if u wanna do it, it s fun :)

and about the cheese it s 400+ so many good french cheese, i m desperate here in ireland cz i don t have them as often i d like

Keshi said...

o gawd Cess dun look so sad...ur only 29 not 92 LOL!



Prash said...

29 ? not yet 30...oh boy, you are younger than me ! :-) LOL

Ricard, hahahahaha LOL

putain ! I used to say it a lot two years ago when I was in Paris. Thank God, somehow I was able to take that habit away !

PS: thanks for not tagging me. I do not tags...but I like to read others ! lol

ceedy said...

You managed to write this after a migrain?

Me thinks if not for the head ache then what all could you write :P

Nice one there...but on doing something before you you be on an unknown travel when you do? ;)

Cess said...

@ Keshi
Hi sweetie, yeah yeah I know, but this is the last bday of my 20+ u see I don t mind celebrate my 30 it will be a new Era but not my last 20+ :(


Cess said...

@Prash said...
++ 29 ? not yet 30...oh boy, you are younger than me ! :-)++ bien fait :P

++ Ricard, hahahahaha LOL++ et on ne se moque pas du Ricard stpé

et pour putain quand je parle francais g toujours cette facheuse habitude, bon je le dis un peu moins souvent en irlande mais assez frequemment SAUF devant mamie, sinon je me fais gronder g pas le droit :P
++PS: thanks for not tagging me. I do not tags..++ oui g bien vu que tu ne faisais pas de tag :)
a +

Cess said...


++You managed to write this after a migrain?++ he he not really, I started the night but i did it the next day, my migraine was away wid all the drugs i took :P

++Nice one there...but on doing something before you you be on an unknown travel when you do? ;)++
ouhh question question, well actually i m planning on getting burn when dead, and my ashes will be spread in the Mediterranean sea that will be possibly my last trip, I haven t put 'Heaven' on my must-see-travel list :P



Keshi said...

I say 30s will be full of wisdom...20s is a suga-candy era...30s might be a red-wine era :)

last 20+ bday must be celebrated real big...go out with ur mates and hv fun girl!


Prash said...

Je me moque pas de Ricard, M'lle ! Ca me fait rire c'est tout. Tu viens pour un apero chez moi a HK ? j'ai tout ce que tu vas aimer...Samy (mon cop1) remplit bien la cave (if we can call it a "cave") !

Mamie a bien raison, tu penses pas ? mdr !

Ah, d'ailleurs, un an de moins, c'est pas si jeune que ca, tu sais ! lol

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

That's a wonderful tag dear!Tells a lot about you.

May all your dreams come true!The tunic in the pic is cool,we call them kurtas in India :)

Hope the migraine is gone now.Have a good weekend!

Balvinder Singh said...

Hi Cess, have been reading your comments on blog of some of our mutual blogger friends like Renu. But came to your blog today only. Lovely one. Will be coming more often now.

Cess said...


++I say 30s will be full of wisdom...20s is a suga-candy era...30s might be a red-wine era :)++ i know i know but i ll be leaving the 'permit-to-have-fun-era' to the 'hubby-kid-house-dog' era which i m ready yet to go in :P even though most of friends are a step ahead from me

++last 20+ bday must be celebrated real big...go out with ur mates and hv fun girl++ might celebrate it next week :P


Cess said...

@ Prash

bon je prefere :P moi aussi j aurais une cave quand je serais grande :P enfin quand j arreterais de faire de la colocation surtout :)

++Mamie a bien raison, tu penses pas ? mdr !++ bien sur qu elle a raison mamie, enfin des fois ca fait du bien, quand tu es bien enervé de sortir un putain! :P

++Ah, d'ailleurs, un an de moins, c'est pas si jeune que ca, tu sais ! lol++ c beaucoup plus jeune monsieur, on est pas dans la meme tranche, moi chui encore dans la 20+ toi t déja !!! dans la 30+ :D


Cess said...

@ *~*{Sameera}*~*

++May all your dreams come true!++
Thanks Sameera
++The tunic in the pic is cool,we call them kurtas in India :)++ yeah, my type of tunic are a bit different, the one i wear most of the time but since my granmda made them she does not google them :P so could not get a pic, but i like the kurtas as well :D

Have a good end of the weeek


Cess said...

@Balvinder Singh

Hi, thank u for passing by, glad u like it, i ll try to come a bit more often too on my blog:D
PS: i ll pass by urs as well

Keshi said...

**'hubby-kid-house-dog' era

who says that? LOL Cess!


Renu said...

Cess, I have put ur tag:)
and BTW what are dates u will be in Chennai?

Keshi said...

And when r ya updating ur blog girl?


Cess said...

@ Renu

yes have seen it, forgot to comment, will try to do it. as for the date for chennai, things are getting complex at work, i m not even sure i ll be able to make it to india :((( so sad but if i do, my friend is getting married the 12th in chennai, so i ll be there around that time :)