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What else

- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

1st week of 2009 in motion...

First of all let me wish u all an Happy New Year 2009, let s hope this one will be better 2008, not that 2008 has been awful no, but better is better than better and I know what i mean (even if it looks confusing).

That s me with my new haircut btw :P
Anyway, this week, I went to still south of France but east, even though I moved 21 times in 28 years, some members of my family haven t move. I arrived on monday at my grandma s and unfortunately until the end of the year we had the... flood, of course everybody joked about it, telling me ' u brought us the irish climate ;( ' bunch of mean people! So, i could not do much the first days except clicking animals, i dunno i love animals so I got the chance to click some of them:

Vicky the cute doggee of the neighbour, I heard she likes to pose for the photograph, I must say she s doing it pretty good :D

Julie, my grandma s cat:)

Tigrou, the neighbour s cat, such a cute and soft cat.

Fusain, my aunt s cat :)

Some random dogs in the street, notice the leather jacket, doggeee fashion style, u don t see it but he is actually wearing a pink reabbon on top to maintain some extra hair, while the one behind is showing is tongue :P
Sometimes I also take babies like the neighbours, and she is darn cute:

On the last day of 2008, I went to my aunt s house to celebrate the new year s coming. During the afternoon while her best friend was cooking yummy stuff for the evening, I colored my aun t s hair. Why i m sure u re wondering I mentionned that, well it s simple, i can t really say i m proud of many things in my life, but for sure i m proud of one thing, I am the first person that ever colored my aunt s hair in 47 years!!!!
My aunt is not the kind of girly girly and i managed to make her change her mind and switch from a grey hair to her former brunette style, since then (it was a year ago) she started wearing make up, rings and made some highlights!!!!
I know, so that day she was in big need of a new hair color since her previous color well vanished and she looked more like Sonia Rikyel (fashion designer)!!! so I only put a pic of her AFTER the color not before, I don t want her to kill me!

I celebrated with great food the new year and funny story, if u never tried i recommend u to do it, have u ever play arrow-words drunk? No? What a shame! It is fantastic!

I did my first arrow-words at midnite after wine and champaign not only my brain was on speed but for sure my aunt s guests were thrilled to have me there since how much they laugh!
Anyway, I m not gonna through the good resolutions of the year since 99% of the time I don t reach them, I only gonna put what I would like to happen and then hope it will:
- loose weight (this is somehow recurrent each year)

- go to India (lets say in March :)
- find a great job in south of france

- move out this year (preferably before summer :P)
- why not find someone (not that i m desperately looking for it, i d rather move first)
- win the lottery (well what the heck y not)
- NB:
buy a lottery ticket (that might help :P)

On friday I went to eat in a spanish restaurant with my grandma:

and my god i was so full that i could not even eat a desert, I got meat 'a la plancha' served on top of slate one word DE-LI-CIOUS.

Of course I haven t mention all the great plates my grandma did but trust I had a special yummy diet and that s not gonna help my first 'resolution'!

Now, today I went to la Grande Motte, which is a special place for me, my grandma bought when i was 1 year a flat in this city which is very original by its weird architecture but i love it.

I spent all my summer, learn to swim, my first teenager holidays and first love here so this is a special place for me.
There is a port:

giant beach where i used to go twice a year to get rid of the negative feelings and it feels GREAT

today I was happy to be there and of course I took some pics :P Hope u ll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them :P

A seagal ready to fly, I m so glad I got this shot, click on it to have it bigger:

Black and White sunset in front of the beach

Sepia sunset

It has my AGE, I used to play there when I was a kid, I can t believe it is still here!!!!!!

The sand with the building of La Grand Motte as a background

A little bird not that shy :P

My yatch well in my dream ...Well, that s it for my 2 weeks trip in France, I packed my bag and of course with all the food I brought back i have 5 extra kilos to carry so 50 euros to pay to mean Ryanair! Anyway, I ll be back to Ireland tomorrow ;( but the only thing that make me happy to go back it s because next week i ll go to the Indian ambassy to do my visa for my future trip to come :D
Take care People

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Tarun said...

The Seagull snaps is cool.
Wine, I love wine.
Your grand ma is adorable.

Personal suggestion dont take scenic snaps in sepia or bw.
Coz nature must be snapshot in all its colour

ceedy said...

hahah...what a journey - you started with dogs and bitches and ended with a sea gull...:P

and well if you think that ryanAir is mean - leave the food with them...that way they dont get the extra money and you can fulfil some of your resolutions -
- loose weight since you gave up the food
- buy more lottery tickets since now you did not have to pay them
- and maybe you would have won....

but I guess I am too late :)

Keshi said...

hahaha some really cool n funny pics too! HAPPY NEW YEAR Cess MWAH!

I love ur new hairdo WOW! hot sexy momma!

Ur aunt hasnt colored her hair in that many years? WOW! :)

Losing weight is easy...just shed it on the way home. LOL ok I know its not that easy :(

HAPPY NEW YEAR to ya babez! I so miss ya...I will be bak soon, in full swing ;-)

Ciao for now!


oo7 said...

great to hear that u are enjoying yourself.
where's my chocolate cake ..

happy new year again

Chronicwriter said...

baby's pic is good.. so many cat ppics..
and so many scenic views.. nice memories

Renu said...

so many good pictures, loved specially the place where u used to play.
Loosing the weight has been my all time worry for last 10 yrs:)

Hemanth Potluri said...

u know wat i feel now :P...:)...some lovely pics there sweetie..oye keshi is missin u ..:P...hope she misses me to enough ..:)..march is very near i hope :)...


Prash said...

It looks like you are having loads of (family/childhood) fun in South...Bonnes vacances !

I just talked to my parents-in-law...Christian (father in law) told me that he already pluck 400 kilos of olives from his garden and he might get more than 200 extra as some more trees left...I miss plucking olives in the cold winter in the southern France and then go to the "moulin co-operatif" and pack all those olive oil in the bottle and arrange them next to the home-made figue (by my mother in law) jam bottles in the "cave".

I think your aunt looks more gorgeous than Sonia Rykiel. When I worked in Paris, my office was neighbour to her boutique in Boulevard St. Germain and I used to her walking her (big) dog in the mornings and sometimes in the evenings...

Swats said...

Im so envious of ur hair cut :P
I was considering hair rebonding; but my hair loss is so bad..can't get it done :(
just trimmed my hair

Hobo ........ ........ said...

Wishing peace & prosper 2009.

Cess said...

@ Tarun

Thanks T. I ll follow ur advise for the scenic snaps :)

Cess said...

@ ceedy

i just came back wid Ryanair and I did not bought anything :P though these bastards made me pay 15 euros the extra kg even though they said 10E on their feckin website grrrrrrrrrr


Cess said...

@ Keshi

Glad to know that u re coming back soon! I miss u too
And yes my aunt has not color her hair in 47 years till I did :)
u take care sweetie

Cess said...

@ 007

no chocolate for ya :P I haven t got any actually :)
PS: i ll have a tought for u and ur last 3 :)

Cess said...

@ Chrizzz

yes i m a paparazzi what can i do!!!!


Cess said...

@ Renu

Glad i m not the only one fighting that W issue :P I still have some hoope it will happen at some point :P

Cess said...

@ Hems

Well she misses me cz i m not really present on blogville, y would she miss u since u re still present on blogville and she can comment on ur post!!!
Don t be jealous Hems, u are missable baby :P

Cess said...

@ Prashoun

miam miam Olive!!!! love Olive oil or tapenade wid black olive.
Et pour ma tante, je t assure tu ne l as pas vu avec les cheveux oranges!!!! C ete tro marrant, elle est beaucoup mieux avec sa nouvelle couleur :P

Cess said...

@ swats

yeah i m looking good just after i came out of the hair dresser unfortunately i can t do something like that on my own and i m not rich enough to get a brushing 3 times a week by an hairdresser :P

Cess said...

@ Hobo

same to u!!!



Ani said...

awww the pics were just awesome.. can see that u had a lovely time dearieee..