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- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

Merry xmas: Crazy 1st week in France

I m not back yet in Blogville, but since i m on holidays and I have less freakin-office-compulsory-stress, and for the sake of the holidays spirit, play PAUSE on my break to share wid ya my first week in France. I left on sunday the 21st my rainny-greenish-windy Ireland to South of France where surprisingly it was colder than Ireland ;( so guess what I got a very bad cold ;(
On the 24th of december I spent my first Xmas feast with my mum and bro:

And me and my mum with my new haircut :P

But i was already a bit sick ;(

then the very next day on the 25th for lunch I spend my second Xmas feast with my dad and bro, when I say feast i m not joking, here is what we usually get during a Xmas feast:
- appetizers (oysters, toasts with salmon, 'foie gras', olives, and others stuff)

- capon (or other big meat like roe deer) with mushrooms, potatoes, green bean, hot chestnut
- lettuce with cheese
- and the yule log like this one ;P

On Friday, to complete this Xmas tradition, gladly it snowed!!! I was happy and badly sick at the same time, had to go to the doctor for the second time to get some stronger medicine! But I was happy to see some snow at last!!!

On saturday, I spent the afternoon with my dad in Toulouse, the real Pink city, the weather was cold but so sunny I took some great pics with my dad. We saw the departure of a Student Challenge, students are leaving to Morocco with very old french cars to bring some furniture to Moroccan, great initiative!

We cycled around the city where I clicked like crazy, see for urself :P

My dad:

La Garonne, the river:

A sweet couple:

As for today, I went to see some friends, and great surprise, among the great lunch i got with her, 2 of my friends told they were pregnant, and even one with twins!!!! That makes me remember that i m single, sharing house in a rainny country! Anyway, I am so happy for them.
Now, i m home for the last time, tomorrow I m going to see the rest of the family in the South east, i m looking forward a peaceful week with them, spending mew with my aunt and bro, will surely blog about it, since my aunt as the rest of the family are EXCELLENT cook!!!!
Before ending this post, let me introduce u to 'toudoux' my mum is like the Sister Teresa for the cats, first came Zouzou (yes she gave them name) with Zaza, then Reglisse and Tigrou, all of them left for whatever reason except Zouzou the black cat with a new addition in the Family called 'Toudoux' a sweet grey fluffy baby cat funny and hilarious, i ll miss him when i leave ;(

In the mean time, People u have a great Merry Xmas and an excellent end of the year! See u around!

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ceedy said...

Nice....this is really called a good time :)

Food, click, food, cl (wait bite) ick, eat, cl..ahem slurp....:)

Have a wonderful holiday and regards to your family...

enjoy !!!

(PS what is the yule log - is it edible)

Abhinav said...

Wow.. the food looks awesome... Don't eat too much Cess.. All the best for the parties and the time ahead.. Enjoy Pink City.. [I am from Pink City as well, thought miles away!].. Nice clicks!
Give love frm me to ur family!

Enjoy wid your family and see you soon.. Full time!

Hemanth Potluri said...

someone is having real fun :)...huh!...u click on the couple to :P...then india i should be care ful :P...have loads of fun :)...


Prashant Sree said...

Hey Cess,

Glad to find you having a rockin time !! Hope you had a festive and a colorful time with your Parents and away from work ;)

Keep Smiling And Enjoying !!

P.S: The foods photo's made my mouth water... :) I can even smell them ;)

Prash said...

that looks like a real feast !

I remember last year x-mas (in France). I had the feeling that all we did is eat and sleep for the two days (24 and 25 dec). You have this traditional x-mas eve dinner (which starts with the famous apero btw) and then you finish your dinner around midnight, I think it was 1 am when we were having our dessert. We went to bed and woke up late at 10 or 11, and I heard my mother in law shouting "a table, les enfants" and we had our dessert at 3 pm ! You frenchies, you killed me with food ~!

This year, it was so good, mon cop1 a prepare une buche aux marrons glaces (super delicieux), il y avait du chapon, du samon, du foie-gras (fait par le cuisto de l'Ambassadeur), les huitres ...

I prefer to have the chocolate log or the Marrons Glaces ~!

Tarun said...

The cat seemed suprised for being shot for the snap.

Cess I tried saving that lovely dinner table,I iwsh i could dive into my computer screen and eat everything I can on that table.

Its got cold suddenly here, but nothing near snows.
Nothing on X-Mas for me.
Me too hoping this years goes with no more headlines.

D said...

Seems like a fun Xmas! Have a Happy New Year :)

Winnie the poohi said...

hey u disappeared for so long.. glad to see you having fun! Your mom is really chic.. like french women are said to be.. and thats some food! I am already salivating.. :D

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Wow, nice pics.. The food looks yummylicious and no wonder your having a great time. Hope you get well soon :)

Happy new year to you! :)

Anonymous said...

La cuisine est delicieux! :)
And the picture with the couple? Awwww :)

Cess said...

@ Ceedy

ah gladly u did not forget me :P. And yes it was indeed a great first week and i m sure the second will be even better :)

the yule log is a special xmas dish in France, look on wikipedia u ll see :)
have a great time too !

Cess said...


wat do u mean don t eat too much!!!! This kind of opportunities are pretty rare specially in Ireland!!!!
Thanks for the love, same for ur family.
PS:The real Pink City is Toulouse btw :P

Cess said...

@ Hems

++u click on the couple to :P...then india i should be care ful ++ y careful?, the pic is cool, they were very cute!
say hi to Mini Hems for me

Cess said...

@ Prashant

he he i had a great time with my family, thanks. And the food was exquisite. Today I got my first lunch cook by my grandma and My Gus it was delicious, i m gonna have a great foodie week ahead!!!!

Cess said...

@ Prashoun

Salut! oui en regle general on mange comme des porcins pendant les periodes de noel en France c hallucinant, heureusement que c pas tous les jours de l annee, sinon on serait tous dans la categorie Sumo!

Le cuisto de l ambassadeur et ben vous vous faites pas chier au consulat :) en meme temps, tant mieux profites en!

Bonne fin d annees! A l annee prochaine!

Cess said...

@ D
Hi D, thanks, i had indeed a great Xmas wid my family, and i m looking forward fo new year s eve wid my dad!
i hope u had a great xmas too and i wish a great end of the year!

Cess said...

@ Tarun

++The cat seemed suprised for being shot for the snap.++ yes he was not expecting the click :P

++Cess I tried saving that lovely dinner table,I iwsh i could dive into my computer screen and eat everything I can on that table.++ Xmas in my family is a great time of the year, i am at my grandma s place right now and she cook such a great lunch for me i m gonna be so depressed to go back to Ireland at the end of the week :(

++Me too hoping this years goes with no more headlines.++ i hope so too specially in March when i m coming, my family is not very enthusiastic that i still want to go to India :0 but they don t have a choice, i ll still be here soon
tc and hqve a great end of the year!

Cess said...

@ Winnie

++ u disappeared for so long.. ++ yeah i know i needed some time off too
my mum thank u for the compliment :P
and the food, my god i m on two weeks foody french diet and i love it!!!!

Tarun said...


March a good time to come to India,provided u come before the festival of "Holi" (nothing holy about it, :P)

It is a festival of spring.
Yeah ur parents are correct with their worries, but if U staying with some local friends in Mumbai or any other town then there is hardly anything to worry about.


Cess said...


hey glad to have u back, did not recognized u at first since u changed ur pic but i remebered u with ur monday inspiration! :)

I m feeling better now, thanks partially to yummy food from family, so glad to be home, no matter wat weather it is!

Have a great end of the year.


Cess said...

@ ki

hey thanks for passing by! Yeah food for xmas in France specially in my family always a good time to be there.
And the couple pic, they did not know i clicked well they zere kind of busy, but i like it!
PS: u speak french?

Cess said...

@ Tarun
hey people told me it s gonna be hot in march, specially in Chennai where i m going for a wedding. I ll be travelling south of India, starting point Mumbai, I m just a bit worried about Mumbai, i m supposed to arrive in the middle of the night there, so don t not much yet how to plan my stay in Mumbai.
Where are u livin btw?

Tarun said...

I stay in Mumbai city.
There no direct flights from Dublin?
By the way flights from UK land in middle of the day.

Seasons do change around that time, by the way, Chennai is hot all year round.
But Mumbai is turn pleaseant by the wY 10 degrees is biting cold for this part of the world.

A few good pieces of luck, hopefully shall see u having a good trip to India.

But yes last months incidents have left some inconsolable wounds in hearts and minds of all of us.

Cess said...

@ Tarun

Good to know u re from Mumbai I hope u ll give me some tips to travel, or how to go to the train station or even book a train ticket! I m living in Ireland so for an unknow reason i have a flight from dublin-paris, paris_mumbai and I arrive around midnite or something :( that s y i m a bit scared to arrive in the middle of the night!
I hope to meet u there too.
PS: i added u on gtalk :)

Zubin said...

I am so glad you are back...even if for a single post.. :)

...hmm...the food looks..yummy..I had my Christmas in office though..just one bite of cake..that too from a friend who bought some from home.. :D

..and the cat is..damn cute...!! ^-^

and sick..?? What happened..?? :O

Renu said...

glad to see u enjoying with ur family ! food looks delicious and so colorful, I used to love the apple tarts there.
See u here in Chennai:)

Tarun said...


Travelling in Mumbai even in midnite is fine.
It is frustrating actually you likely to find traffic jams.
No worries travelling in the night.

Just make sure where u are staying.

Are u sure u want to be travelling in Mumbai local trains.

Cess said...

@ Zubin
++hmm...the food looks..yummy..I had my Christmas in office though..just one bite of cake..++
I guess Xmas thing is more important in France than in India, u guys have too many festivals to celebrate before ;P

I m not sick anymore, i m feeling much better, went to see the doc twice, it s ok now, well except the fact that we have a flood here in south of france, it s like Ireland ;( so sad, hope it will get better soon.
Have a great end of the year sweetie.

Cess said...

@ Renu

yes i m enjoying my time big time wid family, it s great to see them.
Hope u have a great time too, and definitively i hope to see u in Chennai in march!

Ria said...

wow, amazing pics babe!!seems like u had an awesome time. The food looks yummy.

Cess said...

@ Ria
hi girl, thanks!!! yes i had a great time, except the fact have been sick it was a great first week!!!!
last day before the new year, spend it well and talk to u next year ;P

Cess said...

@ Tarun

hey, thanks again for ALL the good tips u gave me for my future trip to India!!!!!

Keshi said...


Happy New Year Cess MWAH!


Prason Christopher Robin @ Chriz said...

wow.. i loved the pictures.. you have ahad a great time

ces.. reg the second picture.. how do you see with your left eye?

happy new year ...

and may god bless you

and i am back

Cess said...

@ Keshi

Hi girl; happy new year to u tooooo!
take care


Cess said...

@ Chriz

hey, glad to have u back in blogville!

++ces.. reg the second picture.. how do you see with your left eye?++ i have a special eye, i can see through, so warch out

happy new year to u too sweetie


Prash said...

Bonne Annee ma grande !
Je te souhaite tout ce que tu voudras pour cette nouvelle annee !

Cess said...

@ Prashoun

Et bonne année a toi aussi, quelle te soit belle et heureuse :)
la bise

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Welcome back dear!Nice pics,looks like you had a great time :)

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.God Bless!

Ani said...

hnnm the couple pic was damn cutteeee.. :)