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What else

- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

Time to move on...

No no, don t cry I m not living YET the blogville even if my blogroll is getting more and more dry but tomorrow I will celebrate my 21st move, I promised myself the next time i ll moved it will be outside Ireland... well not this time ;( sadly I will move 1km from my actual place. I was 5 minutes walking away from the Office I will be now only 2 min away from the Office, not that I m a workaholic nooo remember i m French and i am missing terribly the 35 hours/week of work but i m moving for several reasons among them here the main ones:

- i m actually living in an igloo, it s 9 degrees in my room, I m wearing fleece pyjamas... WAT? yes u heard me FLEECE pyjamas and fleece socks and 2 damn duvet, i was starting to think if I should buy as well gloves and a hood or balaclava! That s what the translation tool gave me and when I googled it (cz i found the name weird) it s the thing used by thief who dont want people to recognize their face!!!! So I was talking about something similar that people use to go hiking in the mountain during winter not to steal a bank! Anyway i think u got the point!

- According to the contract, I was supposed to have double glazing, yeah well i m guessing that this double gazing was made in 20th century, I have these old windows where all the air u want can come through, it s so windy that when i woke up the morning and open the curtains (yeah there is not f!@#$ shutters in that country!) there is water on the inside windows, that much that the corner of the windows start to rot!!!!! During the past 3 months I had some construction in FRONT of my house, what a pleasure to wake at 8AM on SATURDAY morning ;(

- Let say that my housemate and I were not compatible, personally I don t like to find mould in the pan with some food that at some stage let say 2 weeks is barely recognizable nor having somebody starting most of her speech by 'I forgot...'!
And for the fantastic price of .... drum roll...850Euros/month (54 000 Rs it sounds even more in Rs ;)!!!! Bills not included of course!

So today, I went with my new flatmate to pick up the keys of our new flat because the real estate agent did not want to move his @ss to bring us the keys. So we took the cab, arrived at their agency, wait for him cz he did not prepare the set of keys earlier and finally told us that ' I think there is one key missing but i m not sure' 'Oh really u @sshole' well I did not say that word but trust me it was in my mind the all time I talked to him.
So we went to our flat, and guess what... indeed, the key of the entry door was missing, not the key of the door of the flat, no we could not even access the flat! So i came back in the office and I must say that I was pretty tensed! I called him and u know what this ... said ?
'the landlord will drop u the key some point today' notice the 'at some point!' like he gives a shit about it... 'in that time if u wanna access it right away u can go at the entry door ...' wait for it... i thought i had a stroke.... ' wait for somebody to enter or get out, and go inside cause there is an other full set of keys in the flat' ... 'at some point' SERIOUSLY... do you really think I have NOTHING else to do in the middle of a workin day ... nothing? think again u dam ass!
So, by that time we got the key from the landlord who seems to have the same problem with the agency, my flatmate call back the @ss telling him he was not very professionnal, do u know what he dared to say? 'Don t disrespect me!' OMG! gladly I was not on the phone with him when he said that, otherwise I would have come expressly to his office to show him how much I m respecting him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a very hectic day, now I just came back from the Chandni my fav indian restaurant in town, i m in my room for my last night, I almost finished to pack everything which includes:
- 5 suitcases
- 7 bagpacks
- 3 big boxes
- my computers
- my roller skates
- and a dozen of bags at least!!!!

Yes, I m looking at it right now and I m thinking of my final move from Ireland, I have absolutely NO idea how I m gonna move ALL my stuff to France!!!!!!!!
That s it for now, I probably won t have internet at my new place for a week or so, my response to ur comments will be slower than usual :) but i ll be back with pics of my new place.
Bye bye old place, hello new one! U have a great weekend people!!!

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rantravereflect/ jane said...

haa.. that pic of ya in my head in that balaclava n fleece pyjamas n socks i squite a depressing one indeed..
n ya have rotting windows n a construction site- bawdddd- but haa, but the way ya write keeps us in splits- esp the stage 2 of teh mould in the food.. (by tht way taht 's a gross-out:()

n when ya got to move to france, hire someone for ya to get it done- no sweat :D

Tarun said...

Thats some luggage u got to move across the road ...
Woamn and lods of luggage no big deal.
I mean I m not suprised.

Well things fortunately are now under control.

Terrorist are dead.
But there is a great sense of Gloom and mayhem and trauma and mourning.

Hemanth Potluri said...

appy appy moviing :P..heheh...i hope u moved them all ur new place..:)...miss a sweetie till u blog bac :)..


Cess said...

It s all over now, I finally moved!!! Finally and happy ;)


Cess said...

I finally moved, bit tired now ;(
Hey, I m glad things cool down in Mumbai, hope u are all right too.
take care


Cess said...

@ Hemanth

Thanks, I moved everything finally.



Keshi said...

Happy moving sista! TC and look forward to ur brandnew place. It'll do u good. Yes I hv moved alot too and it always gave me a new lease in places give u a fresh outlook on life.