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How about some honesty?

NB: Note for those who read that post already, I changed the first video (it was not the correct, so watch it again ;) It is worth it! And wait for the 'Ohhh that hurts'
I am an ordinary woman, there is nothing fancy about me, i am not a Genius, nor a Top model, i am just a simple person, with simple taste and I believe i have a pretty good self judgment, well maybe sometimes I see me worst than I am, which is better so I am less disappointed ;)

But there is some people who does not have that self judgment, or if they have it, they are probably over estimate themselves.... way over the top.

Today, a friend of mine sent me a video called Scarlet takes a tumbles, now the thing u need to know before watching this video is, she uploaded this video herself on youtube. I don t know her, what is she doing in her life but i m sure of one thing, she knows how to make a mockery of herself. I don t say it is a bad thing, I, myself, can say that I'm pretty good at doing it to myself, but I m doing it on purpose, she did not, she did not even think that this video could have been seen 3 000 000 times!!!!!
The video is 5min long, but you can start watching at 2.45 min, cause before that she basically sings, in front of her pc, go to remove her socks, change shoes (very exciting).
Now the funny part starts, when she decides to go up on the small table, now by the noise of the table and the average size of this girl, even myself I would not have done that. But hey, that s her choice, now see for yourself. If you are at work u might laugh louder than usual so be aware of it ;)

Now, she is not the only one, some people are worst than that. I m talking about those who think that their vocal chords are a gift of God, or a Divinity... my Gus! I m saying WTF? Either u don t have any friends nor family cause nobody ever told u that when u are singing u SUCK BIG TIME, or your family is too nice with u and encouraged u to apply for American Idol and in that case, I feel sorry for u because u were raised in a dumb family or simply ur friends are not really ur friends, and they re just trying to encourage u to make fun of u, but for God sake what the hell!!!
When u hear people saying just before they sing: 'Well u know, I think i can be the next american idol, because I have a pretty good voice' 'Get a life man!' It is good to have self confindence, but it is sick to have an OVER self confidence like, most of thime these people are loosers, with loosy job, and they re coming wearing the worst Crime of Fashion outfit!!!
This girl is 27... and she looks 40, she came with her mum, and sometimes u know, when u say that u look like ur parents well in that case it s pretty much true. And u can see that the anchorman is soooo making fun of her but she does not get it. When he asked her, 'What do think of ur look?' and she replied 'I m sexy' 'Really girl!!!!! I mean? seriously ?????' And what song she s gonna sing u may ask 'Don t cha' from the Pussycats.

I don t know if u remember how the Pussycat dolls look but when u look at her, singing something sexy, dancing like I was dancing the Chickens Dance when I was 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at it:

If you are looking for The Vulgare Girl with flashy sparkling top and shoes, white skirt so short that it looks like a belt u can see it here, her name is Rhonetta ;) And the worst thing is, every time I heard these dumb ass saying 'oh yeah I can be the next American Idol' or 'I can compete with J.Lo' or stuff like that and u sing like crap, even myself I can sing better!!!! U don t need American Idol u need a Psychiatric my girl! Really I mean it!

Now to finish with this post I have to put the video of 'Ken Lee', I think she is from Turkey, it s Turkey Idol or whatever, and well when u re not speaking in ur native language is pretty tough right, and I remember when I was a teenager I was singing an english song the 'yoghurt way' and what is the yoghurt way, it s basically when u don t speak the language, u only hear it, and u re trying to sing it based on what u heard!

And most of the time it does not sounds good... so when u decide to apply for Music Idol ... PICK A SONG in your own NATIVE LANGUAGE u idiot!!!! Specially if u dont speak that language, and buy a friend to help u find a nice dress! But u know what, it s like this Asian guy William Hung who became famous by singing so bad that people like it! The worst u are, the famous u can become, but most of the time... it does not last long!

Have a good weekend ahead u People ;) And don t apply to Music Idol before consulting me, I m worst than Simon ;)

14 people read it till the end and comment on it ;):

Shrav said...

maybe that's what they call ATTITUDE!! They may not be good singers and stuff, but they do make viewing interesting, with their big attitudes!

And these days, reality shows would like to have people like them in order to make viewing spicy with fights and angry conflicts between contestants so that they can earn more television ratings

Ria said...

Yeah it often amazes me as to how and why do these ppl go to participate in such contests....especially when they dont even qualify to participate!! I guess its their own stupidity to think so highly of themselves tht they dont mind making a fool of themselves on national television. LOL!! Tht was a very interesting read hun and i so totally agree with u. :)

Chriz said...

haha.. lowely videos... kewl one .. hehehe.. i laughed out so much today

CяŷştąŁ said...

Someone needs to go kick her ass and tell her that she looks and sings AWFUL ! (awful is an understatement :P)
Btw whose the pretty lady in the middle in the judges' panel?

Cess said...

YEah I know, it s a win/win situation I guess some people are dumb to think they have a good voice and some business could not careless about making a mockery out of these stupid people who think they re gonna become famous!! Their choice then! But again, they are still over estimate themselves to apply to Music Idol at the first place!!!!! ;)

Cess said...

Hi girl,
Yeah, what can we do, sometimes when i m in blues, then i think of these guys, and it makes me realize how smart i am compare to these damn ass, and that makes me feel better ;)


Cess said...


cool man, i m glad u laugh, keep on laughing at least 5min every day, u ll live longer, u might even live as long as women :) u already started to dress like one so... :D



Cess said...

@ CяŷştąŁ

hehe, yeah, speaking of somebody with a self confidence way over the top!!!! Stupid Rhonetta. Now, for the woman in the judge panel for that video of Rhonetta u mean? This is Paula Abdul, i guess she is in her 50' she was a famous pop singer in the lat 80' I think.

preeti said...

cool pics and videos as usual Cess:)

Cess said...

@ Preeti

Thanks girl!



Ankur said...

sometimes its important to give it a try. I think i may dont have the courage which is often called as stupidity but i cant do it.

May be those ppl are more brave than me... i think even when ppl dance on the floor, not many know how to dance, but coz everyone else is same there so no one notices...

there is a famous sayin in hindi... "hamam mai sabhi nange hai!!" means everyone is naked in the common bathroom!! :)


Cess said...

@ Ankur

++sometimes its important to give it a try. I think i may dont have the courage which is often called as stupidity but i cant do it++ yeah well give it a try for something that u re not watched by millions of people but here, u need a minimum of sense or self esteem! Be honest about yourself, think of it! Am I good enough to be seen on national television without being ridicule?

++May be those ppl are more brave than me...++
don t think it s being brave, but more being stupid, if u don t know how to sing y would u go there?

++ i think even when ppl dance on the floor, not many know how to dance, but coz everyone else is same there so no one notices...++ yes but it s different, i don t think i m an excellent dancer therefore I danced y? because I m not broadcast on National Television! ;D see the difference ;)


Kiran Sawhney said...

i fell down from chair laughing. funny videos.

Cess said...

@ Kiran Sawhney

he he i hope u did not hurt urself ;)
glad u laugh ;)