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Mexican Cruise: Day 4, snorkelling and margaritas

On day 4, we stopped at Manzanillo. Now, for those who never cruised, one daily thing when cruising is picture, and Gus knows how much I hate when somebody is taking a picture of me, so every night before dinner, there is photographers in certain locations in the ship that I pretty much avoid, willing to take pic of u cz they are paid by what u buy. And every time u get out of the ship they are waiting for u at the end of the 'toll bridge' to click u, most of the time I escaped cause I was going out from the bridge reserved for the Crew since my friend was working on the ship. So today, some local women wearing the traditional outfit were waiting outside to be taken in pic with u, I clicked some..

We wait half and hour before getting our bus, the 10min that separated us from our final destination was pretty much un clickable... it was full of big trucks or giants containers full of dunno what, everywhere, it was like a cemetery of containers and also a border kind of. Anyway, I went to take a boat to do some snorkeling. In the boat, all the chairs where sponsored by the local typical beer in Mexico which is Corona I even bought a Corona s towel, I know I m such a tourist!

The crossing last 20 minutes before we reached the used to be 'Elephant Rock ' before the snorkeling part, but due to an earthquake the actual trunk of the elephant fell, so let ur creativity begin cz u definitively have to use ur imagination to recognize the elephant

Then we went snorkeling, I took my flippers and my mask and tuba and jump in the water, i was a bit disappointed since the water was green, it was warm but green so i could not see much of fish in the water, i bought a underwater plastic camera and i took a couple of pics but i don t know if it will be good.

Not that i m scared of water, but when I can t reach the ground of the sea, I like to see through to avoid scary fishes or any other sea animals. Specially when that crazy old bitch said 'omg i think i saw a shark' I mean 'WTF' why would u say that stupid! I m gonna make u eat ur f@#% flippers if u say it again!
And an other stupid one, who was actually under water with her mask watching me obviously cz she told me 'DON T touch the coral, u are killing it, and once it s dead if u touch it, it will cut u badly' OMG, who are u 'Greenpeace' why don t u take care of urself and go spy on somewhere else!
So we swam for an hour, well less for me, since somebody almost killed me with one of his flippers who almost reached my nose, I went back to the boat... it was open bar ;)
I got my first fresh margarita and a nice red flower, and i took a pic of myself, be happy People cz i hate taking pics of myself ;)

Usually what happens, and I have a tradition to take a pic of my feet, yeah I know what u might think, what a crazy french, but i don t like me on the pic, but i have nothing against my feet, so to prove to people that at least I was there :) well ...I was seating at the front of the boat, taking the sea fresh air on my face and clicked a pic of my feet :)

We had also a beer contest, i did not participate to it, due to the heat and the way the boat was moving, I already drank way too much :) margaritas, then some Corona beers, won t tell u how many i stopped counting after 5 ;) I even had a chat with El Capitan of the boat :

When I finally reached the ship, i was exhausted, somehow drunk, my way to my cabin looked unusually longer than it used to be, probably cz I went to the 6th floor instead of the 7th trying to open my supposed to be cabin which was not mine, it took me 10 frustrating minutes trying to slide my cabin card into the locking thingy to finally realize it was not the number 6583 but 7583 .
My face was red like the flower, as for the rest of my body, specially the shoulders and back i look like a giant lobster. In my cabin was waiting my second Animal s towel, I guess Froggy the Frog, was not sure what animal it was, but my friend assured me it was a frog so... too tired, i barely talked to my new friend, I took an other cold shower and fell in sleep like a baby :)

PS: by the way if u read my post about Mexican cruise Day 1 and 2 and u are still wondering what the Chicken Olympics were, or if u were thinking i just made a joke, no no, the Chicken Olympics took place on the deck 9, next to the pool, the Crew filmed it, and I had the fantastic pleasure to see it on tv. Some shamelessness people started to mimic the chicken, well it s funny when u are 5, ridiculous when u are 50 years old.

Then they had to throw some faked yellow chicken into some boxes to gain some point depending how far they reached the box, followed by how many faked chicken can fit in a tee shirt or sometimes even more scary into some men s short, the more u had the merer and they finished to dance that ridiculous dance called the 'Chicken dance'

that I once myself brilliantly danced when I was 5 I guess, i m sure my grandma have some pics of it, i ll try to scan one during Xmas cause i m sure u are all looking forward seeing me wearing yellow short and shirt :)

Coming up next on 'It's in the Eire' Day5: Ixtapa where the sun heats....A LOT

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Renu said...

u always post the beautiful pictures..local woman. towel animal. chicken in the plate, liked all of them:)

Vinz aka Vinu said...

again, nice pics...the first one was interesting..!!

cocktails, snorkelling, beer friend...u had the best times i guess..!!


τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

wow..I lived through the picture tour of ya...

it was so lovely and i so jealous of you that u had so much fun :|

just kidding...
btw it's fun to have chicken dance..coz I still do it;)



CяŷştąŁ said...

Wow..really nice pics,Cessie! :))
I agree with Day dreamer..I'm really jealous too tht you had SO much of fun :D

And I'm even MORE happy tht you are finally back! :)


Keshi said...

Pics r as great as u r!

Love the one with the hibiscus flower on ur hair. Sexy gal! :)

HAHAHA @Chicken olympics!

U know I've never been on a long cruise...I've been on like 5hr cruises but not more than that. After seeing ur pics I so wanna go on a longer one.

And ofcourse I wanna see u in yellow shorts lol cute as hell!


Ria said...

those pics were awesome hun!!i so want to go on a vacation right now!! :/ Anyways hav fin and keep the updates coming.

Anonymous said...

Chicken in the plate...
Creative thought.
Claps !!!

Kiran Sawhney said...

Great pics. Fantastic description

Hemanth Potluri said...

sweetie u know wat i will say awesome :)..


Cess said...

@ Renu
Thanks Renu ;)I ll try my best

Cess said...

@Vinz aka Vinu

Thanks ;) and yes I had a greeeeat time ;)


Cess said...

@τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя

++ wow..I lived through the picture tour of ya...++ thanks ;)

++btw it's fun to have chicken dance..coz I still do it;)++ he he LOL



Cess said...

++ And I'm even MORE happy tht you are finally back! :)++ mean girl ;( but the weather is nice today



Cess said...

@ Keshi

++Pics r as great as u r!++ thanks hon

++Love the one with the hibiscus flower on ur hair. Sexy gal! :)++

++U know I've never been on a long cruise...I've been on like 5hr cruises but not more than that. ++ u should it s awesome

++ And ofcourse I wanna see u in yellow shorts lol cute as hell!++ i ll try my best to find it

tc Sweetie



Cess said...

@ Ria

Thanks sweetie, i will keep u update ;)


Cess said...





Cess said...

@ Kiran Sawhney

thanks ;)


Cess said...

@Hemanth Potluri

thanks sweetie


CяŷştąŁ said...

Hi Cessie babe! :)

Btw,check the post before my current post..I'm gonna celebrate my 50th soon,and I requested blogger friends do put up their dedications to Chemerical thoughts! :D
I wish yu'd do that as well :)

Cess said...

k sweetie will try do it when i get some inspiration, i m a bit low in the domain at the moment ;(