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As you know, for those who read previous post, I am in France at the moment, the weather is hot, the food is awesome (will do a post for the foodies later ;), and I m sick ;( the drastic change of weather did not worked on my favor but i am still trying to enjoy my trip as much as possible. As you know, I went to a French wedding of one of my good friend Mag last saturday. I haven t think of making a post on French wed until I read recently an hilarious post from my friend Vicky about why is not a big fan of Indian Wed ; ) So, to see the difference let me tell u how it works in France:
The invitation:
Mr and Mrs X (future wife s parents) and Mr and Mrs Y (future husband s parents)
are happy to announce the wedding of their daughter and son [blablabla]
You are cordially invited to the ceremony [blablabla]
then the 'Vin d honneur' (The honor wine) followed by the feast.
Replied before ....

Usually the invitation is personalized by the future wife and husband, an my case they are fan of diving, so they put pics of them diving.

The ceremony part 1:
For catholic, we start by a civil ceremony with the Mayor of the city u want to get married, it takes roughly 20min for it.

The ceremony part 2:
Which takes place in a church of usually the same city, with the entrance of the future wife with her father. Followed by around an hour of talking from the priest, the best man, the exchange of the wedding rings, the signature ....

The Exit from the Church as a married couple:
Because they are divers, all of their friends were waiting for them to come outside the church, holding a flipper for some, and for the others instead of throwing the traditional rice they were making bubbles (like in a sea, if it s sounds confusing for u, check my smugmug for other pics ;)

The pictures:
After the 2nd ceremony, the photographer is taking pictures of the couple with the parents, with the family, with the friends etc etc so you are waiting for ur turn to go on the picture with the couple. The more guests u have, the harder it will to get everybody on time for the pic!

The Procession:
The married couple is taking a car to go to the reception, usually it s always a fancy car, with some ads at the back of the car 'JUST MARRIED', my friends had a collection car, very old one, very popular 30 years ago, it was a simple car, well decorated, they are a very simple couple ;) Each guest will have some piece of ribbons to attach to their car when following the Married couple s car.

The vin d'honneur:
Usually the couple invite family and good friends for a diner, but some 'friend of friends' or acquaintances are only invited to a small Reception with some wine and appetizers.

The Feast:
The room will be decorated, for my friends it was around diving. Each guest was in a table, the table had the name of an 'jetsam', mine was 'Chouen'. ( If i get married, I already know the name of my tables will be wines name ;)
On each table you had a piece of blue fabric to represent the water, with some seashell, and an aquarium with a golden fish on it, which I found it very original. Our name was writen on a small roc. You will also have the menu of the diner (appetisers, 1st course: fish, 'Trou Normand", meat, cheese: of course, desert)

The "Trou Normand":
Translate "The Normand s hole" which came originally from a region of France called Normandie. It is usually an ice cream with some very strong liquor on top of it, that we eat/drink in a middle of a big feast to digest faster and then eat again (as I said in a previous food in France is a Culture, very very important!!!!)

The desert:
It is traditionally a Layer cake with the small statue of the couple that they will cut together ;) We also, well the best man, or the parents do a toast for the new couple.

The shameless powerpoint preso and songs:
The best friends usually make it thanks to the parents of the couple, it is a presentation of the couple before they met with shameless pictures of them when they were kids untill and why they met, their comon hobbies, it s really funny.
Sometimes u even have a well known song, where the friends changed the lyrics of it and adaptated it for the couple, always in a funny way.

Of course after and sometimes during the diner we have to dance, to at least eliminate a bit of calories taken during this feast. There is the tradional first dance as a married couple. Now, as French it seems that we are not afraid of embarrassing moments, and we do have lots of funny/crazy/traditional dances that i put together in the following youtube video ;)

The sugared almond:
Well in this case it was not an almond but a chocolate, but usually after the wedding we leave with a small decorated bad and some sweet with almond or chocolate in it
The presents:
The future couple do a list of presents in a shop and guests can buy some for the couple or simply give some money in a ballot box available the day of the reception.

The party generally stay till very late or early in the morning, including lots of alcohol and dancing and food of course!!!!!

The late question: what is a wedding like in ur country/religion/cultures? Any pics I can see ?

PS: there is no aunties who are tried to find suitable guy for their girls ;) but usually the future couple when doing the guest lists they put single people on the same table.... u never know, maybe u ll find somebody.... will it did not work for me, but it s ok, I enjoyed it anyway!
PS2: the dentist was fine, she did not hurt me much, i still have that job but it was ok, the blood injection was also done by saturday morning (damn hard to woke at 7 for that), I did not faint and It almost did not hurt ;)

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τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

wow..Well described marriage..just like wat I saw in muvees but in much detail...already ur aware of indian marriage...
bengali marriage starts with invi..with parent giving awahy the card..and then it's a 3 day long ceremony...fst day marriage and feast ..second day ..another marriage ceremony and then bride leave with husband..and then reception at husband's also start with food and end up with food..only we singles get free license to flirt there :P

so u r enjoying ur trip...hmmm and injection dint hurt get well soon...u need to bring me good pictures of countryside remember??

take care

Renu said...

very well told:) and i like the funny dance the most.There are so many similarities, now the invittaion is almost in the same language here, same recetion, quite similar, but few traditions are quite unique to india, like mehndi--where we put henna on our hands and Music ceremony--called ladies Sangeet. and in India rituals are different in different regions also.

descrying the shadows said...

Hmmmm.. had fun eh di ... coool .. marriages in india eh ..? well u will be invited for mine .. u can have ur documentary then :P

Anonymous said...

Cess, you've already promised to be there for mine! :)

Cess said...

@ τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя
3 days wedding, wow, I can t wait to see that!
Yeah the trip is good, I m just a bit sick, but i m still trying to enjoy it as much as possible.
I ll make a post about the city where i used to live so u ll see the pics ;)

Cess said...

@ Renu , I wish I can come to India, and if i m going i wish I can see one wedding, I saw pics from my friends already but I really want to live one ;)

Cess said...

@ descrying the shadows Thanks for the invit Bhai, already have 2 invitations. Well U d better hurry if i m coming this year ;)

Cess said...

@ rosemilkinabottle u too u d better hurry, u never know, if i m coming this year (i hope) ;)

Keshi said...
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Keshi said...

Beautiful! I love Weddings.

Great pics too. Especially the thats my ultimate vintage fantasy!

**The late question: what is a wedding like in ur country/religion/cultures? Any pics I can see ?

In Aus, its very outdoorsy...Aussies love garden and beach weddings...very simple and charming.

In Sri Lanka its one big drama, with alot of money and time spent, as well as abt 1000 guests!

My cuz had her Hindu wedding in New Zealand 2yrs ago...I attended it and there are some pics of it in my blog. It was MASSIVE. If u want to see em, check here:

And ty Cess for visiting my blog!


Keshi said...

sorry that link didnt show up in my first comment. So here it is again:



Vinz aka Vinu said...

:) , I do love catholic weddings..!! Reached on your blog from some common blogs we read.. but commenting for the first time..

The photos were good… The marriage ceremony very simple..

And regarding your question… In India you can ‘n’ number of kinds of weddings..!!
I have witnessed at least seven or eight different types..entirely different…
I think each state got its own way..and even each section got their own..!!

Its amazing…!!


DreamCatcher said...

I like food and dance.. :)
In India marriage is a very Long procedure, Towards the end of the marriage ceremony, a ritual called Phere (pronounced: Fair-ey, meaning "revolutions") is performed. In the Phere ritual, a part of the groom's attire and the bride's attire are tied together (symbolizing that they are now united) as they go around the ceremonial fire seven times. Each round about the fire symbolizes a part of life. The bride leads in first three rounds symbolizing that the earlier part of marriage is led by the bride. The groom leads in the last four rounds symbolizing that the later part of life will be led by him!!
i think it only happens in India.. :)

Cess said...

@ Keshi, thanks for passing by. I saw the pics of your cuz wedding, wow, if i m going to India (hopefully this year) I hope I will assist to one, they are so different from the one in France, very colorful.

Cess said...

@ Vinz aka Vinu thanks for commenting for the first time, u re lucky u went to so many different indian wedding, i wish I can go to one ;) Did u take any pics of these weddings or post about it?

Cess said...

@ DreamCatcher interesting, i m wondering why women rule the first 3 rounds and the man the last 4, and y 7 rounds?
PS: thanks for passing by

DreamCatcher said...

The belief is that when one walks 7 steps with another one becomes the other's friend. The mantras recited then, mean - "Ye who have walked seven steps with me, become my companion, whereby I acquire your friendship. We shall remain together, we shall share - love, share the same food, share the strengths, the same tastes. We shall be of one mind, we shall observe the vows together. I shall be the Sama (One of the Vedas), you the Rig (another veda), I shall be the Upper World, you the Earth; I shall be the Sukhilam (moon), you the Holder-together we shall live, beget children, and other riches, come thou, O sweet-worded girl!"

and u can get a better look by following this link

Cess said...

@ DreamCatcher thanks for the info, i ll have a look at the link u sent me.

d gypsy! said...

well i wud love to attend one,,,

eh, nice...India has a diff structure but i love the ceremonies here...

Ankur said...

hehhee.... then i guess i must have been there for the table!! :D :D

and wat i loved the most, the desert!! :D :D
it looks yummy!! !:D :D

the collection of pics is nice and thanks for sharing with us all the info... but i miss the table now!! :P

have fun...

Cess said...

@ d gypsy! hey, yes French wedding is good, i ll post more pics on my smugmug ;) now I hope i ll be able to attend an Indian wedding ;)

Cess said...

@ Ankur I ll post more pics about the wedding later ;) my next post is on food and THE pink city ;)

Keshi said...

aww ty!


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Bless the couple,the bride looks so lovely :)

The wedding cake is different from any I have seen till now.

Loved the take away gift!

Vinz aka Vinu said...


oh no ya..
no pics with me..

but surely will send my wedding pics later sometime..!! a typical kerala brahmin style..!!

Cess said...

@ *~*{Sameera}*~*
I ll transmit ur blessing to my friends. The wedding was really yummy, as for the small gift to take away, i ve seen many but this one was the most original.

Cess said...

@ Vinz aka Vinu
Are u married? Cause if not wait until i m coming in India so i can see one for real ;)

Ankur said...

Pink City is wat i m waiting for!! :D

and food is the best thing!! :P
i m in love with it!! :D

Cess said...

@ Ankur u should check out the next post then u will love the food even better ;) and see the REAL Pink city ;)

Ankur said...

real!!!! :D :D

hehe.. mine is real!! ;)

but i will still love and wud like to visit!!

France with french islands are in my wishlist!! :D

Cess said...

@ Ankur, u re more than welcome to come, i ll show u the REAL Pink City ;)