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- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

Doctor.... Am I crazy?

Do you suffer from crazy thoughts? Cause I am, well i m not really suffering, it is just, maybe my pessimistic side, always seeing the worst thing, or the annoying thing!!!

Let me give a set of examples. They all turn around bathroom, i don t know why ? I should see a psy maybe ;)

The Bathroom doors:
I m going to bathroom, seat, in the middle of whatever we do in here, the room is big enough that i can t touch the door, what if I did not lock the door? What if somebody opens the door while i m seating on my throne? How ashamed I would be? So I don t know why, but every time i m going to public or mostly office toilets i keep staring at the door, just in case, so i can put my hand if somebody is trying to open it!

The Toilet papers:
How about, so far nobody opened the door, so u get out of the toilets, wash ur hands and leave the room quite serene. You keep walkin on the street, don t really notice anything, except maybe some funny look, so u look around but u don t see anything, so u keep walkin, till u meet ur friend or ur cousin, somebody who is franc enough to finally tell u truth ' dude u have a piece of toilet paper sticked to ur shoe!!!!!' OMG, why nobody tells me, well generally they don t want to embarasse u, still, u look stupid with that paper sticked. Sometimes, when i see that, i m trying to walk on it, so the person don t have it anymore and without telling him, but i guess i prefered that one person lets me know rather than 15 looking at me.

The skirt:
This one happened to my mum, we were doing shopping in our shopping center, my mum stopped by the public bathroom (again toilets) then we took our cart for food shopping. We were passing by the frozen food, so as u know it s a bit colder, i stop 30s to check something while my mum kept walkin pushing the cart, i turned to look at her OMG, the backside of her skirt was stuck in my mum s underwear which mean that pretty much everybody could see a part of her underwear, I runned through her, and pull down the skirt. And u know what she said: 'that s why, I thought it was pretty cold here!' omg, I was lookin at my mum, thinking that if it was me, i would have never put a foot again in this supermarket, I gently asked to walk away from me like we don t know each others ;)

Of course I have lots of other stupid scared, like when i m on the top floor on a building and i look down, I imagine myself falling, and the only thing i can say 'ouch, that probably really hurt!' duh!!!! of course it s gonna hurt, anyway, my point is... well there is not really a point here... but i was wondering:
Are u suffering too from these kind of symptoms, being ashamed in public? and if yes, which one?

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descrying the shadows said...

He he ... you know actually to me that sounds cute .. call me weird .. :P
me updated too ...
lemme know ur thoughts ..

Cess said...

@ descrying the shadows sounds cute, my god, dit it happened to u? or what if it happened to u how would u react? well i m not talking about the skirt obviously, unless u have some kind of extreme fashion, but for the rest?

descrying the shadows said...

He he no none of these but i have been in embarrassing situations...
Not for public mention
Btw i update both my blogs the one at wordpress and blogger with the same posts ..
lemme know wht u think of the template

Cess said...

@ descrying the shadows i looooove the template of ur blogspot and i blog roll it, i ll comment on this one.
what do u mean 'Not for public mention '? now i m curious, u can email me if u dont want to put in the comment ;)
btw, if by looking at ur profile, u re living in India, correct me if i m wrong but it s the middle of the night!!!! What are u doin awake?

descrying the shadows said...

I sent u an invite on gtalk ... and yes it is 2 40 am here i generally sleep at 3 30 am or 4
my gmail id is

Cess said...

@ descrying the shadows i ll add u to a different email address ;) i m not using much the other one ;)

Anonymous said...

OMGOSH!! LOL!! this was so funny, but when it comes to public restrooms, I am sooooo with you on that! I try to hold it until I reach home!!

I am still laughing at the Mom walk away from me... I would have ran to the car!! lol

Cess, thanks for stopping by my place I like this one! I will be back!!


ceedy said...

That is do worry about trivial things ;)

and that incident with you mom...LOL...

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...


u r not alone...

i do have a similar habit :p

everytime I double check the lock and then also wonder the whole time whether I 've locked it properly or not...and
scene of

Unzipped pant is my speciality :P
thank god I' ve the habit of wearing underwears...other wise i wud have to erase most of the places in the world outta my map :P

I 've a post on it..if u get time read the ..embarrassment unleashed written in august..u will defn find it funny :P

--xh-- said...

hilarious incidents (until these happens to you, and even if it hapens to you, when you look back aft some time, it do look hilarious)

the lock-toilet-door thing, i did that once and after that, i always make sure that the door is doubly closed.

Cess said...

@ singlendacity89 , hey thanks for passing by too, yeah the public bathrooms i tried to avoid them as well, as for my mum (she had some worse embarrassment, but hey poor mom so i keep some for me only ;) but she s fine, she still going shopping in her supermarket

Cess said...

@ Ceedy, yes I do worry about trivia things, what can I say, I do worry for less trivia thing, but I rarely blog on it, i try to keep it funny, a bit of irony when talking about myself, otherwise it will be so depressing and boring reading my blog ;) I m not a poet, certainly a writer, just a funny person (well I guess, at least I make myself laughing daily ;)
and thanks for passing by

Cess said...

@τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя Poor u, specially because when this 'zip' incident happened to people/colleagues i am usually the first to spot it, don t ask me why, not that im constantly looking at the particular place, just in general i m looking everywhere specially when i m bored, and i probably have a special radar to detect them, after if i m in a meeting, i can t listen cause i m wondering am i gonna tell him? or not? If i don t, he s going to stand up for the preso and everybody will see, but if i do tell he will say i m a pervers ;) big dilemna! What ur thoughts, do u prefer that one person let u know or 14 looking without saying ? ;)

Cess said...

@--xh-- i feel relieve that i m not the only checking twice the door lockers ;)
thanks for passing by, it s been a (short) while, were on holidays? busy?
i ll check ur blog ;)

Renu said...

I cant stop smiling:), but i also doubly check everything, once I went out with 2 different chappal in my feet:)
while leaving home I always check twice the locks(I have left once without locking properly).
once I felt very shy when in the morning my Bindi(the dots we put on our forehead was sticking on my husband's kurta.

Renu said...

BTW the template in ur blog is beautiful:)

Cess said...

@Renu, lol, the shoe thing, happened to my dad, I went to the office with two different shoes, fortunately where he was working they were selling shoes, so he bought a new pair ;) He was a manager, and i did not want to look not credible in front of his employees ;)
As for the Bindi did anyone asked u how it came on ur husband s kurta? ;)
Thanks for the template, I like to change the picture time to time, since i love taking pics ;)

Prashant Sree said...

hi cess,

read your blog for the first time.,. You have been candid in expressing your thoughts. i agree with you that many people have that stigma of what other will think about them.,. Kudos to you for that.,.

Well i havent experienced so called embarassing moments, yet whenever i take a head bath, i wonder if sometimes i will go out without washing the Shampoo in my head..I convince myself that even if i go so, Atleast people's weird face expression would let me know that something is amiss somewhere ;)

Would love to hear your comments about my blog.,. :)

Keep Writing !


Cess said...

@Prashant Sree, thanks for passing, I guess the shampoo never happened to me, there is a mirror when I get out of the shower, plus with long hair u can spot easily;)
I ll definitively pass by ur blog to check it out ;)

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

it's better to have one onlooker and then he/she tell me to zip it up...coz sumtimes wen i detect it's embarassing to remember how many gal i 've passed in front of :P


but u r naughty..fst to catch the open zip///

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

hey do collect ur blog awards :)

Cess said...

@ τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя me naughty nahh I m a saint, but I can see small details ;)
What do u mean by collect ur blog awards? What awards?

Ankur said...

hehe... i really loved this post here!! dropped in from Ceedy's!!

it sounds so naughty to me rather than anything weird!! :P

hillarious... and we all have such things... :D

but the skirt one... omg!! :D
holy lord!!

Cess said...

@ ankur, thanks for passing by, 'and we all have such things... :D
' what s urs then? ;)
Yeah, as for the skirt, poor mum, she even did worst but i can t tell it here ;)

Cess said...

@ ankur,
ps: i already drop by ur blog, and comment on ur 'Vacation Time' post ;)

Ankur said...

yeah.. i remember now... that time i just dropped in and didnt leave a comment... but blogrolling u now!!

really like this stuff... its really refreshing and it sounds funny to me!! :D
dont mind...but i love to have fun, hehe!! :D


Cess said...

@ Ankur then u pass by the right bog, it s mostly always fun on this blog, some people are born smart, or gorgeous, i was born funny, well at least I make myself laugh which is a good start ;)

Ankur said...

same here... my prof used to ask me in the class... y r u laughin, i say... cant help it, my face is such!! :P

ppl still think in the meetings that i m laughin over them... hehe!!!
so i think we have something in similar.. ;)

and yes.. i love to have fun all the time!! kewl!!

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

I hope u got ..wat is award :P