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What else

- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

D-2 before France + tag + awards

In 2 days I m leaving to France for 5 days and I can t wait for that, I have a very packed agenda which includes the following tasks:

- a GIANT steak to eat on Friday with my dad when I arrived, it might sound weird, but Food in France is a culture, it s like food for French is as much important as religion for Indians ;) Here in Ireland, to have a decent small steak u have to burn 10 euros for it, in France u can get the triple size for half the prize!!!! And I don t want anything else no potatoes, no rice whateva aside it, just a bloody steak (I apologize for the veggie).
- blood test ;( I hate syringe, I am actually quite scared of it. I m trying to avoid it as much as possible, but with a mum who is a nurse and a dad who is a pain in ass sometimes (but i love him) i need to do a check up. And I can t do it in Ireland, first of all because we have one of the best medical and social administration who is free btw in France and I won t have to explain in English and in panic that I hate injection.
- hair dressing: I have a wedding to attend, so obviously I have to look decent, now, I talked to my hair dresser in France who already told she won t be able to color my hair 2 hours before the wedding, which means that i m going to that wedding with white hairs, I m addicted with these, everybody tells me 'but we don t see them , it s fine' yeah 'I see them' it s like they are sparkling at me, if they could talk they will say ' hahah, in your face, u ll be white at 30 dear' ;(

- a wedding: I love wedding, happy people getting married, I ll be there with my Nikon who is my partner for the wedding ;(, I hate the traditional question: will u come with a partner? mee: nah, is it a problem? yeah yeah I know I m 28, i have enough with my dad who everytime i asked him what he wants for Xmas he replied 'a grandchild'!

- quality time with my dad ;) then my mum ;) then dealing business with my bro to get a new phone (my bro is a salesperson, nothing is free with him, he could sell my dad and mum on the market ;)
- tan + sun: yes, as u know i m working in Ireland, and I m white not just white but DAMN white, i m thinking that everybody will be tanned at the wedding except me grrrrrr so i m planning some nap time in my mum s garden.
- tour of the 'Pink City' with a couple of friends coming from ireland, I ll show them where i used to live in France and why we call it the 'Pink city'
- Doctor, following the blood test of course
- Dentist, I hate dentist as much as injection, well I don t really hate the dentist himself only the job, spending 30 min on a seat while somebody is playing with ur teeth and talk to u at the same time, like u can answer him! If he wanted to talk he should have choose psy or taxi driver but not dentist!

- Did I mention the food? Yeah, I ll make sure i take pics for foodies, BBQ, mum s cooking stuff yummy, also local drinks like Pastis (my fav) and wine from the cellar ;)

- and hair dresser again to finally make the colour to hide those nasty white hairs, i must say my ex ex manager is responsible for the fast growing of those hairs (stress/pression/frustration grrrr)
Anyway, I think I m done with my checklist ;) Now for the tag, as --xh-- automatically tagged me for every tag ;) i m doing the screenshot of my Desktop wall, I like pin ups, specially these one made by Leigh Young rather than skinny b... ;) more sexy and sensual

Oups I forgot to mention the awards Sourish rewarded me with ;) I m so excited my first two yeah ;)

Million dollar Friend Award
And I quote: Cess -A french girl with wonderful sense of humor and getting her as an admirer of my written a really a lovely experience..

Brilliant Weblog Premio -2008
And I quote: Cess- If u read her writings..the way she describes the situation with humor..u won't stop reading it until u finish the whole segment

Thank so much for them ;) I feel special now ;)

The final question as usual ;) what s ur plan for this weekend? or for ur next holidays?

24 people read it till the end and comment on it ;):

Ankur said...

the blog upated as i m here, so here i go again...

Pink City - oyee... i come from it... and its Jaipur...u r stealing it from us!! :P

and i m confused, u r from France, basically Indian, or from India living in Ireland!!!

and white hair.. saw ur profile pic and u look more like a blonde!! hehe

neways.. have fun.. marriages are always fun here in India... dont know abt France much! :P


Cess said...

@ Ankur
no no we did not steal it form India, Toulouse IS the Pink City and I ll show u with pics why.
I m not Indian, I m French, living in Ireland, and why I have many friends from India it s because I love this country, cultures.. so different from Europe (love to travel/learn) so I have never been there ...yet, I hope I can make it this year ;)

Cess said...

@ Ankur
PS: as for the picture, it s tiny and in 'sepia' mode, I m not crazy I can see them ;(

Ankur said...

hehe.. i was kidding abt the stealing this, but i think u must be knowing the world knows the city Jaipur (Rajasthan, India) as the original "Pink City"!! :D
and i belong to that place!! :D

and i m looking forward for the pics... and i hope u make it to India soon...
just make sure that u come for atleast 115 days if u really wanna learn!! :)


Ankur said...

oops there was an additional 1 i realise.. i meant 15!! :D

and hehe.. put a normal pic then so that we can see how white looks like!! :D
who knows if we also like it!! ;)

Cess said...

@ Ankur well if I m going to India, I ll spend 6 weeks there which is already good, mostly in Hyderabad for work, but i m planning on spending a weekend in Jaipur (it s already on my list) ;), no I hope it will happened in November i m crossing fingers.

Cess said...

@ Ankur LOL we update at the same time, NO WAY, my white hairs is private and gone in a couple of days ;)

Ankur said...

private... eh?

ok.. just give us a "peek a boo!!!" hehe.. so it wont be invasion of privacy!! :P

and 6 weeks.. sounds good, is pune too in ur list, eh?

and i will tell u places to visit there and place to stay too... stay connected... i love my city!! :D

Cess said...

@ Ankur I ll stay tuned, trust u ll be aware of it if i m going in India ;) and I ll bug u to get good tips to travel and visit the right place ;)

Ankur said...

trust me, u cant bug me!! :P
its me the bug, who can bug and bite.. a human cant do it!! :P
so u r welcome!! ;)

descrying the shadows said...

he he .... if thts ur check list for 5 days .. u must have whole book planned for 6 weeks

Cess said...

@ descrying the shadows, i ll a day one by one if i m going to India, one by one ;)

Anonymous said...

thnx for blogrolling me cess ;-)
hair coloring is risky bizness..wishing u luck ;-)

Cess said...

@ Swats yw, as for the hair, don t worry, it s not my first time, i had lots of different colors and cut, except one when a hair dresser screw my cut, i have never been disappointed, and i m trusting my hair dresser, i ll post a pic after so people can check it out ;)

Anonymous said...

Cess!!! I hope you have so much fun!!! EAT THE PASTRIES!! LOLL

My friend brought me some back and I Fell inlove with France right then and there!!!!!

Have a good day!!

Renu said...

now streaking of hair is quite popular in India also,my DIL has it, and she looks so good that even some oldies want to do it:)

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

wow..u have planned everything for the trip....enjoy ur trip the most...and u deserve both the awards :P

and my weekends going to supermarket with my mom to let her do shopping :P

btw ur dad sounds awesome...hhehehehe..xmas present a wen are u planning to give him the present :P

Cess said...

@ singlendacity89 Dont ya worry, I m not gonna eat JUST the pastry, i ll take pics, u ll see.;)

Cess said...

@ Renu I can t wait for it, I can t seeing these white hairs, every time i see myself on the mirror, it s like they (white hairs) are making fun of my. My grandma was white at 35, I think I ll be white at 30 ;(

Cess said...

@ τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя yes thanks again for the awards ;) It s really nice of you to go with ur mum shopping, u are a good boy ;)
As for my dad, well, he s getting older, and for the past 2 years Mister wants a grandchild, so every time he s telling he wants for Xmas, I asked him to find me a husband for Xmas ;)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Have a great trip! :)

--xh-- said...

am i late or what... was having a holiday yesterday, and didnt log into check blogs...
wow, u got a kewl desktop pic there :-D

am gng on vacation from 6th till 10th :-D and my list is already packed. plan to have a long drive and a long ride, food,food and more food - especially fish and beef, attending a marriage, and time with friends.

Hydrabad to bangalore is not so far - do drop in if you visit India.

have a nice trip and come back with lot of nice memories. Food and wine - one day, I will visit France :-D

Cess said...

@ *~*{Sameera}*~* thanks for passing, and don t worry for the trip i ll enjoy no matter what ;)

Cess said...

@--xh--, have good trip too, pretty similar one, well except for the long drive. U re more than welcome to come in France, especially in south of France, i ll be ur tour guide if i m there ;)