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What else

- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

Not tagged...

I don t get tagged ;( maybe because most of my friends don t blog or else, anyway it does not matter. I like the tag, it s way to start to know somebody... and most of it, it s super cool when u have nothing else to do... so I found this tag through the comment of --xh-- blog, on my-takes blog.
I am: funny, sarcastic, and very energetic person
I think: way too much, can t even sleep sometimes!!!!!
I know: some stuff, not a genius, not dumb either...
I want: many things, become a photographer, travel, met someone, live in a sunny country... the list is really long....
I have: which am i supposed to answer that...a stuff animal with me ;)
I wish: I was someone else better...
I hate: spiders, racist, not open minded people, arrogant people
I miss: friends and family, food, wine, fun from my country.
I fear: spider.... as much as i hate them
I feel: lonely rite now
I hear: the rain through my bedroom windows ;(
I crave: freedom
I search: for a way to go to India this year
I wonder: too many things...
I regret: some decisions or words said too or not enough fast
I love: TALKIN
I ache: ...
I am not: a quiter
I dance: when there is fun
I sing: only in my shower
I cry: depending on the mood...
I don't always: forgive....
I fight: when needed
I write: when I want/need/can
I win: not as much as I wish
I lose: my patience ... i m working on it...stilll
I never: say never
I always: dream....will die if I can t dream anymore....
I confuse: my family sometimes depending on my choices
I listen: when people need to talk
I can usually be found: with my camera hanging around
I need: space and trust
I am happy about: my holidays for today, it could be something else tomorrow
I imagine: my future trip in Mexico...with Brad Pitt ;) still nice to dream about it ;)

I would like to tag:
no one but feel free to use

Today has been a rainy usual. Last saturday the 9/08/2008 i celebrated my 3rd year in Ireland with my friend Mimie and Vodka
Postive thought of the day: 25 days before Mag s wedding, 67 days before Mexico

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--xh-- said...

no one taggs u? muhuvaaahaaaa... *evil laugh* I will give you enuf :)

u too hate spiders? same here :)
niceey nice list :) thnx for letting u know better...