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What else

- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

Happy evening,

This evening it was surprisingly sunny when I left the office today. So I decided to go for a movie, because I have lots of movies to catch up. So I took the cab, I know I m guilty but for my defense it was late and I did not want to miss the movie. After the movie, I decided to walk home. It was around 8pm and the weather was still great. Lots of people were outside. I was still wearing only a tee shirt. I walked 3.8km, that s right, might be nothing for some people but it s always a great achievement for me when i m doing it. So anyway i m screen shot my way through home. I saw many people smiling starting by me (the weather have a huge effect on me for sure) on Henry street where you have the big shops Penneys, Brown Thomas, H&M. I saw some foreigners with their tan faces, big fancy sun glasses et the Dublin map of course, taking pictures of the big stick which cost 4 millions euros, known as the Spire in the middle of o'connel street.
Then following the quay, I could smell the sea, saw some sea gals flying around and an old couple nicely dress walking side by side, till I arrived on Grand Canal Quay next to Fresh in front of the Ocean, the company's favorite bar when there is sun after TGIF on friday. The big building look a bit pinkish due to the sun going to sleep slowly ;)
Then I arrived through Barrow street where every time I m passing a big garage I can smell lemon not the kind of lemon u eat but the kind of lemon u use to wash the floor.
Then, last stop Ryan beggars bush, the pub with a terrace next to my house, it was crowded today probably because of the weather ;) Now i m home, a bit tired, especially with my ankle soared due to my fantastic fall by myself at my desk!
Positive thought: got a good news at work and a nice evening

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Anonymous said...

Would love to do all this and more when I am around. ...Guess i don need a guide now..:P

Anonymous said...

waaaaaahhhhhhh :( you got me all nostalgic!