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What else

- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

The depressing cocktail

Sometimes when my moral is down, i m thinking. Let s take a shaker for the depressing cocktail: I m 28, freakin single (wait there is a reason behind it), i m living in a country where I don t want to live, I m here for the work, though now, in the balance between work and the rest, the rest (by rest I mean : weather, food, culture....) have the tendency to reach closely the work, which is definitively not good! So I don t want to be involved in a relationship which could be potentially a long term relationship.... in Ireland, that ain't possible.
In 3 days, i will celebrate with a bottle a whiskey probably and fortunately with my best friend my 3 years spent on this 320 days/year raining island ;( sad ;(
So i m 28, single, sharing a house with a person so different than me that we barely talk to each other, i ve almost never been good sharing house with girls, easier with boys. I wish I can live by myself but the rent is so expensive in Dublin, unbelievable!!!! So I spend most of my time in my room ;( Being single was much easier before, since I had friends, lots of friends, here, have some friends at work, but they pretty much all have boyfriends/girlfriends, so of course they have better thing to do on the weekend than spending time with me.
Oh, did i mention the weather too? yeah probably but i have to mention it again, the weather sucks! badly, we are in the middle of august while it s 35 degrees where i m from, here it s raining, and there is a wind that strong, that the rain is going not down but horizontally, yeah, i bet u did not see that often! The weather affects my mood of the day badly, and when u re going to work, u arrive completely soak, the sky is so grey that u already think it s late afternoon ;( even if at work, there is lots of shiny colors, it does not do the trick after a couple of months!
If you add to this cocktail of sadness the occasional stress at work, when u are desperately seeking for advices and hope that one day u will be able to do the thing u like the most, but your hope is getting thinnest and get a pretty heavy alcoholic cocktail!
I m not in an heavy depression, just a small passaging depressed mood! My friend at work, told me to have one positive thought per day, and that s what i did, i took my credit card and i bought my flight to LA in October. I m going cruising with one of my best friend in Mexico, she s actually working on the ship, i m so looking forward to go there. Here is the itinerary:

I m counting the days, 72 days 72, that was my positive thought of the day. Now i m wondering, what will be my positive thought tomorrow....

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--xh-- said...

my cous was there for couple of months, and i saw his snaps and man, i am in love with Ireland after that - i need a bike and I can live there happily :)
well, may be, itz kind of grass is greener @ other side... :)

Teline said...

well --xh-- trust me after 3 years it ain t that green here, plus green is not my favourite color ;) I would love to get some blue (sky) and yellow (sand) for once ;)

Gayatri said...

awwww.. come off to India for a bit I say :)