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Debate: Life is easier for men

Couple months back now, during one of my Toastmaster International Meeting, I was asked to participate to a Debate, the subject was: Life is Easier for Men, they asked if I wanted to propose the motion or oppose it! What can I say, it was my duty as a Feminist to propose the motion of course. To oppose the motion, Mickael. Now, most if it was turn in light way, i avoid difficult topics, just mentioned them at the end of the speech. You have to know, that I m from Europe, and I m generally talking about what I ve seen there, it might be different outside Europe, specially India, and I would love to know how it is there... please Gentlemen don t be offended, there is nothing personal ;) At the end of the Debate, we voted to see who was in favor of the motion or note, and I won ;) with women and men votes ;) Though, there is one lady who was totally against me, very very old school ;(

MAN ;)

WOMAN: Though I would not agree with the tiny 'driving skill' I believe I am an excellent driver ;)

Mister Toastmater, Madame President, Fellow Toastmasters, Welcome guests and Ladies Toastmasters(I generally don t mention Ladies when doing a speech but it was for the good cause).

Life is easier for men well Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not a question, this is a FACT.

the INSEE, one of the biggest survey company showed the difference of salary between woman and man. In overall, net salary 20% of difference, 20. Let me ask you a question...WHY? One of the reason is because well you know you might get pregnant... oh ok, thanks to the small contribution of the gentleman (sorry ;) indeed we can but who's gonna carry the baby for 9 months, gain weight, be in pain during the birth... the woman!

Now, as a woman, you want to please your husband, he wants to go camping, do you think he s going to choose a camping based on your needs
(Woman) 'euh honey, where are the bathroom?',
(Man) "Bathroom!!!, this is a camping ok, enjoy the nature"
No need rite, hey here is a tree grant! zip (turned my back, whistle and pretend to) however for a woman, in case your did not noticed, it s over there (show the knees) that our trouser are going to be, so a tree wont fit!

How about waxing, how many hours we spent shaving our legs, arms and the rest, what would he say if we don't
(Man) 'OMG that's gross, don't you wanna shave your legs, it s good for you honey'.
Do we complain about the fact that you guys have hair everywhere,here (show legs), here (show chest), here (show nose, ear) even sometimes here (show the back).

Even when we are kids, life is easier for boy, what do u get for Xmas, a GI JO to play tough, as for girls, was looking on Argos recently u can get a vacuum cleaner!!!
When a man is sick, OMG this is the end of the world.
(Man) 'Look I cut my finger with a paper, ahhhh i m bleeding, arfffff i m dying..... '
Don t you think we have enough with the kids. Don t do that, don't touch that, not in front of the kids, don t wear that.

Speaking of wearing: an outfit for a man during a weekday: suit, shirt, tie, socks and shoes, (Man) 'omg honey can you tell which tie should i match with my shirt.'
An outfit for a woman during a weekday: top plus bottom, matching socks and shoes, proper underwear underneath to avoid nasty comments, purse, make up, perfume and hair done.
An outfit for a man during weekend: whatever shirt, jeans and sport shoes.
For a woman: if you dare wearing that kind of training outfit for gym, your husband,
(Man) 'euh honey you re not going out like that rite, you re going to change before!'

One of the worst thing would be, you are going back home it is late, you are exhausted because you have been working like your husband, you did not even remove your shoes you can hear your husband sitting on the coach watching tv: 'what s up for diner?'
Did it never occur to you that you can cook: 'here is the fridge and the oven, let me introduce you to the kitchen.' And in case, he finally decided to cook, he will mess up completely the entire kitchen and will say to you: 'well I cooked u clean now!'

Of course I can go on and on with even more example on how life is easier for men like they don t or rarely have sexual harassment, marital fight, macho joke but to conclude my speech, let me give you a quote from Charlotte Whitthon, Former Mayer of Ottawa
“Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.”

So, for all the women here and the men who are brave enough and smart ;) to face the truth, you MUST vote in favor of this motion.

So, what do think, easier for men..women...? But Remember...


19 people read it till the end and comment on it ;):

--xh-- said...

yeah, me too dont agree with the tiny 'driving skills' part - i dont think driving have got anything to do with gender. in the same way, i dont agree with the cooking part - I can cook as well as and better than many of my female friends, and I enjoy cooking. im my opinion, it is just individual specific - not gender specific :)
now, do I agree with 'life is more easy for men' part? well, of course - it is more easy for us coz we are more smart ;)

Cess said...

@--xh-- yeah I remember ur post about woman driving skills!
True life is easier for man Evil --xh-- ;)

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

I agree with tiny driving skill...last time two of them tried to kill me in road :P

but life is easier for men in india..though in corporate world it is the prick men hire only gals :D

Cess said...

@τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя
Well actually, i m more driving like a dude in France, bit crazy ;)
'prick men' LOL, we also have some here!

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be very good.. u write well.. Why don't you popularize it more.. ur posts on ur blog ‘It's in the Eire...’ took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

BTW I help out some ex-IIMA guys who with another batch mate run where you can post links to your most loved blog-posts. Rambhai was the chaiwala at IIMA and it is a site where users can themselves share links to blog posts etc and other can find and vote on them. The best make it to the homepage!

This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)


Cess said...

@ray, thanks for the tip, it s never easy to see which post is the best, i mean i can like one and others a different, tell me u favorite and I ll try to share the link on ;)

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

dude in france have u seen the movie where that gladiator guy was driving in france..ohh i forgot both the name of the star nd the movie

i ve to check for Alzheimer's

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

ohh it was

A good year

and the guy was russel crowe :P

loved the movie

Cess said...

@τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя
LOL, omg, it was so far from guessing the movie, i could not pictured a gladiator driving a car, maybe an oxcart, but a cart it would have been an anachronism ;) I m glad u finally find the name. Yeah, actually the movie took place in the 'Provence' which is around where i m from, I loved it ;)

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

it was really hilarious...heheheh i was trying to say gladiator's

and now wen m reading it after ur can't stop laughing..think a gladiator driving a mini car...he won't have to hit me..I will die laughing there n then only....

u r from Provence................wohaaa..will u show me the place if i ever happen to make a trip to france countryside ???

descrying the shadows said...

I wont comment on whether life is easier for men juxtaposed to that of women but my views on woman in india ..please read ..

Cess said...

@τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя
Of course, It will be my pleasure to show u around, it s gorgeous, and the cuisine is AWESOME ;) but not spicy but still awesome!

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

Last nite I was checking out my encyclopedia..and saw Cote-de-azur is nearby....I had played a game NFS-5 porsche unleashed....there I saw the animated track of pyrenees and Cote- de-Azur..I m dying to drive on that it really there..long stretch of roads with greenery and beautiful landscapes... ??

wow....France is captivating me more n more..and now I have afrnd there too :)

descrying the shadows said...

he he and that was a very strong comment and I have replied to it because I do completely accept the points u made .... but I do feel that you misunderstood the point I made there and that post is very specific to Indian woman .. it's a debate right ? i have an answer to your comment please check ... :)

descrying the shadows said...

Cess said...

@τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя
France, and specially South of France is awesome, i love it, it s sunny, peaceful, it will change u compare to ur busy busy cities (where u from btw in India?)
All the way to go to the Cotes d Azur, from where i m from, it s not really green, but more yellow, al the way along the express way they have a plant that i don t remember the name who makes thousand of small yellow flowers it s really cool to see, i ll post some pics if i find some

Cess said...

@ descrying the shadows
thanks for replying to me, of it s a debate, as long as we re only using or keyboard to fight ;) well when i say keyboard, it s more our writing not the physical keyboard. I also replied to u ;)

descrying the shadows said...

he he yeah ... it is only a difference of perceptions ... no harm done ... :)

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

I m from from Kolkata...but presently m in Varanasi doing PhD in BHU...

yellow flowers along the express must be really I m seriously considering my france tour :)