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CTM: stage 3

Project (Stage) 3:Get to the point
Time: five to seven minutes
1) Select a speech topic and determine its general and specific purposes.
2) Organize the speech in a manner that best achieves those purposes.
3) Ensure the beginning, body and conclusion reinforce the purposes.
This speech with accompanied by a preso, i ll try to do some screen shot of my preso on my blog.

MALTA Is there any one here who went to Malta, raised your hands? Good, because today I am going to talk about the islands of Malta. One month ago, I took a flight to Malta during the Good Friday bank holidays. I will do a quick introduction about Malta, then I will tell you the big differences and interesting facts I have noticed during my trip.
Lying 90 km to the south of Sicily, 290km to the north of the African mainland, 1830km to the east of Gibraltar and 1500km to the west of Siria, Malta and its islands might be said to occupy a position in the centre of the Mediterranean. (i ll try to put some pics from my preso)
The group is composed of the 3 inhabited islands of MALTA, GOZO and COMINO, and 3 smallest uninhabited islands of Cominotto, Filfla and St Paul.
The longest distance in Malta in a sout-east/north-west axis is about 27km and the widest distance is 14km.
With a population around 400 000 crowding an area of 320km square, the Maltese islands (picture of the Maltese flag) can clain to form the most densely populated country in Europe. The country's official languages are Maltese and English.
Malta gained independence from UK in 1964, the country joined the European Union in 2004. And recently in January 2008 they changed currency from the Maltese lire to Euro.
Now let s talk about the differences I ve noticed compare to Ireland:
Price: everything is so much cheaper in Malta, for instance I went to a very fancy restaurant in the area called Portamaso where you can see these kind of boats, with very expensive flats.
I spent 35 euros for a bottle of water, half bottle of wine, an entry, a main course, a cappuccino and a tip. Here the main cuisine type is italien. 35 euros, here I went in Dublin to not a fancy but in overall good french restaurant I spent 50 euros.
The number of cats: omg, i have never seen that much cats, called here the Maltese cat, they are everywhere, sleeping on top of the car, in the street, on a stairs, here waiting for his owner to bring some fresh fish (PICS)
The maltese bus: all of them are orange and white, like that, some of them are new, some of them pretty old, like most of the bus I took, and by the way to go from a city to an other I paid 47 cents, here, from Dublin 4 to Dublin 1 it s 1.05E.
The standing taxi fair: there is the same price when you are going from a place to an other place, let s say from the airport to Saint Julians, you go to the taxi point information, you will pay 20.35E and that s it, no matter where u are going in that city, neither if there is traffic it still will be 20.35E
As for the interesting facts I have noticed that there is :
Different type of ports: you have the super rich tourists port with all the yatchs here you have the bateau a voile port and for my favourite the fishing port. I went down to the Xlendi on the Comino island and to the south of Malta to a fishing village called Marsaxlokk, the fishing boats called Maltese Luzzu are very popular, as you can see by their very colourful colour.
And maybe u don t really see that, but on each boat they have the Eye of Malta like here (PIC) which is the eye of Osiris an Egyptian God of the Underworld, to protect fisherman from dying in the sea.
The number and different shapes of church, unbelievable, some ultra modern like this one (PIC), compare to those like that (PIC). They are very catholic there, I went during Good friday and Sunday Saint, on the online of Comino there was a procession where they carried a big status of Jesus, sometimes they even run while carrying it. They are running mess every hour during the day, this the first I ve seen people queuing to go to the church.
The gorgeous beach with light blue water, like on the island of Comino with the Blue Lagoon, the Blue grotto in Malta where u can see the reflection of the water on the cave roof/sky . (PICS)

To conclude this speech I will mention the biggest fact that Dublin and Malta have in common, it is the number of time the weather may changed, the first day I arrived, I got sunny day, followed by a very windy grey sky and finishing by an heavy 20 min rain, I had to run to a small shop as soon as I went out after buying an umbrella it stopped raining!
Mister Toastmaster.

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