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CTM: stage 2

So as I say on my previous post, I m part of the Toastmaster Club hellfire. I have to do 10 speechs to get the CTM 'Competent Toastmaster' diploma. The stage 2 is called:

Organize your speech
Time: five to seven minutes
1) Select an appropriate outline which allows listeners to easily follow and understand your speech.
2) Make your message clear, with supporting material directly contributing to that message.
3) Use appropriate transitions when moving from one idea to another.
4) Create a strong opening and conclusion.

For my second speech I talked about my grandpa that I ve never met actually, but I know him through my mum, I had a powerpoint preso with it, with pictures and map to make my speech more entertaining.

Mister Toastmaster, Madam President, fellow toastmaster and welcome guest.
Léonce, was my grand father. Well I never had a chance to met him, he died before I was born. But if there is one thing that my mother is proud of, because she can talk about it forever, it is the reason why my grandpa had to wake up each morning.
Back in the past generations, in France, when a family had sons, the elder one was usually doing the same job as his father and get the properties that belong to the family, the second was working for the army and the 3rd one was working for the church as brother, or father.
My grandpa was the first one of the family and he worked as a ... wine-maker.
Tonight, I m going to make a toast to my grandpa and talk a little bit about his passion in a small village called Chusclan.

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At the end of this speech u won t have the knowledge to start your own wine s company but hopefully i will bring a little flavour from where i m from.
So before we can start, to be sure we have a full understanding of what it is to be a wine-maker in Chusclan, we need to travel there. So, lets use our imagination, everybody if you could close your eyes for 10 seconds, let s pretend that today is a beautiful day, blue sky, no cloud, a gigantic sun, u can feel a warm air coming through your face, it s like when u are opening a warm oven... it s a small village, usually quiet, the only thing you can hear is this small insect ... a cicada, and it makes a sound like this kssss kssssssssssssssssssssss, and now the only thing you can see in front of you is a huge grapevine field.

Here we are, welcome to Chusclan,a small village located right here: (see map of france)
On the next slide, you can see a satellite view of Chusclan with the yellow circle, the green circles, so pretty much all around the village you can find a part of the grapevine fields, and then here with the red sqare, u see the cellar where the wine producers are making the wines. (it was on my preso so you can really see it ;)
My grandpa was one of the vineyard owners and wine growers in Chusclan. He and approximately now 100 others are members of The Cave des Vignerons de Chusclan since for the elder one 1943. Cave des Vignerons in english means The Vineyard owners ' cellar.

This implies around 50 individual vineyards, with a total of 1,125 hectares of vines, 950 of them have the AOC quality.

So what is the AOC quality: in 1935 the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) system was born. It gives strict guidelines to the wine industry, for example, the AOC guarantees that when you buy a Bordeaux, the grapes came from the Bordeaux region, they were treated in a certain way, there was a given amount of alcohol in the finished product, and specific grape varieties were used.
These vines from Chusclan come under a number of appellations among them we have Côtes du Rhône Villages Chusclan , Côtes du Rhône Villages Saint-Gervais, Lirac and Côtes du Rhône., the variety most typical of Rhône wines, Rhone which is a river and a county or region in South France and Chusclan is a part of it, Syrah (20%), Carignan (13%), Cinsault (5%) and Mourvèdre (2%). We have also Grenache Blanc, Clairette, Viognier and Roussanne which are the main white grape varieties grown.
Regarding the sales: the cellar sells around 3 million bottles a year, generating a turnover of around 10 million euros, including 40% in exports.
For the Cotes du Rhone Villages Chusclan which is the ones my grand father was dedicated the, there are 13 different wines at the moment red, white and rosé like Les Genets, Les Monticauts, Les Ribieres red, Excellence, Seigneurie de Gicon rosé.
So today to conclude my speech, I m gonna go through my favourite wine a little bit more in details.

Name : Les Genêts

Color : Red

Vintage : 2005
Appellation : Côtes du Rhône Villages Chusclan
Volume : 75 cl
Degree : 14.5 °
Ageing : 2 years
Grape varieties :
Grenache 60% Syrah 25% Carignan 10% Mourverdre 5%
Wine making :
It will stay between 15 to 18 days into the vat (picture) (en cuve),100% traditional processing at controlled temperature, grape stemming (provenant) from selected parcels including my grandpa s one, (show pic) which u can see here. Actually he and his family used to live in front of his grapevine field, one of the best view to wake up the morning.
Tasting notes :
a deep shiny black, beautiful luminosity
Nose: dense and tasty, there are of course plenty of other words to describe the flavour but the French have the tendencie to use really complex combination of words for the nose which is pretty hard to translate in english.
Gourmet advice :
With delicate meat like pigeon or veal.
Awards :
Or Vinsobres 2005 Or Foire d'Uzes, Vinsobres and Uzes are cities in France.
so tonight, I hope, wherever my grandpa is rite now, and lets pretend that he understands english, that I honored him today. Cheers
mister toastmaster, thank u

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