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What else

- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

What happened the past 8 months...

I was about to sleep, it s already 11PM, was lying on my bed, my window still open, with the noisy drunk people sitting outside the bar next to my house (oh yes I have a pub next to my house), since the weather was pretty today they start early in the afternoon.... anyway, till i realised that I haven t say anything in that blog for the past 8 months and since i decided to go back on track, of course i m gonna talk about stuff that happened recently in my pretty exotic and fancy life in Doblin. So why not make a quick sum up of the past 8 months, i m sure some of you will stop reading by now, fine, but for those who stick around, it ain t gonna be long, won t be a 320 pages novel, you have to remember i m leaving in ireland the greenest island ever, did u never wonder why? or how can it be so green? because it s rainning... some people might be happy to have some rain after a 6 months of freakin high temperature... but in my case, we don t have the 6 months of freakin high temperature, no, we have 320 days of rains per year, easily!

Now let s talk about me, last time I posted before my coming back, I was on a cruise in Miami: true. Well if there is something that i kept doing is traveling. The past months I have been in London, in France, in Malta, Austria, Tenerife and Spain, why? Because I was looking for sun most of the time, you can find all the pictures I took on My Smugmug. Will I stop travelling, hell no, I bought a Nikon D40 at the end of the year, he is still a baby, he needs to discover the world with me, that s why in october (love that month) i m possibly (haven t bought the ticket yet) going to Mexico on a cruise with Maritruc ;) that s right Mexico is waiting for me!

That was probably the most exciting part of my life here, I could mention the fact that I played in a play called 'what the butler saw' a hand made dvd will be soon available with special interview of the artists including me playing the role of a crazy psychiatric Dr Rance, with pictures, for you friends interested in a very disturbing play i can send u the dvd ;) I was quite interesting and very exciting to play, especially the first time, when u have a hundred of people looking at you. It was even stressful for me, since my character arrived after 20min in the play, so I had to wait till then, pretty scary!!!!!! But it is worth doing it, especially cause the play was in english, so for a french speaker it was a good challenge. I have to say, I had quite a success, people in the office stop me saying 'you were great' yeah well i know ;) or some of them tried some jokes 'hey doc I need a consultation!' ok right!
K, now it s midnight, have been talkin for an hour on the phone with my best friend, so I don t have much to add to my life here, might come up with something during the next coming posts, will see ;)
In the meantime, take care!

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Gayatri said...

I need the DVD, i say :)