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What else

- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

Sunday April the 23rd

Good evening, today is my last day in France. Tomorrow i will be back in Eire, ready to move to my new flat. This weekend was truly exceptional, I saw my family, I ate so many good food, i will post some pictures, I drank good wine, I went to the beach and more than everything Oh my God, I took a bath at the beach, yes exactly, so good my friend, it was awesome.
Today we got as well the Presidential Elections, for the first time, a woman went to the second round of elections and fortunately for us the Damn ass racist dude is no longer there well he did not manage to get to the second round like what unfortunately happened 5 years ago. Anyway, this is it for tonight. Gotta go to bed, tomorrow have to wake early to take my flight in Marseille.
Cheers people

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