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- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

Sunday the 24th of June

Ouh my dear god, i was supposed to keep this blog update, yeah right, not much, not time, and definitevely no sense of humor lately. I m gonna try really hard to keep it this time, even though i m not sure people are going to read it, anyway.
I m still in Dublin, the weather still sucks. Even though we are supposed to be in Summer ... hello, not in Ireland people. Saturday I went to see the Gay Pride in Dublin, it was really col, for once, we saw some colour, lots of colour in dublin and lots of music, it was cool, no fight as fas as i m aware.
And today I went twice in cinema, I saw Ocean 13, yeah well not the best opus of the series but at least I saw Brad Pitt and Georges Clooney so that s fine. Then I saw La vie en Rose, movie about the Singer Edith Piaf ans her strange life, it was in french of course and really cool. Now i m at home, i updated my french blog and now i m watchin Bridget Jones, not that i m looking like her ... but well kind of, fortunately i m not over 30 but i have already white hair (well not anymore for a couple of months since i went to the haird dresser last week....).
Anyway, ill see u around people

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