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- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

Friday April the 20th

Friday evening, finally i m in south of France enjoying the good weather and the good food and good wines. This morning I left Ireland at 7 this morning, quite difficult to wake at 5 especially if u considered my only 3 hours of sleep, however, i was so excited about going on vacations!!!
I took a flight with ryanair, and the only reason why i continue to take this company, probably because the flight are so cheap and because i can have a straight flight to go in France or Cork, but damn, the staff who s working for Ryanair, OH MY GOD, com on the stewarts and womens they are so rude, not polite, if they pushed u with their carriage of food and presents or with their legs do u think they re gonna apologize for... whatever! Forget about it! I dont know how much they are paid for, but i guess not enough to get polite, plus they look ridiculous with their outfit when they serve food, so women staff are not even dress properly or their hair are so messed up I mean com on. Anyway really bad user experience but well price are cheap, it would have been different with Air France, would have been very upset. Oh and I forgot to mention that the main responsible, the main stewart was not even speaking english properly and was laughing when making announcement to the travellers!!!!!!!!!.
But when i arrived in Marseille, south of France, the first I did after huging my dad, well i removed my jacket and put my sun glasses because it was so hot!!! Then I came to visit my grandpa, we went to a really good restaurant in a small town next to where i m from. It was nice, delightful, tasty, I took pictures of every single plate I ate. I forgot my cable to transfer the pics on my mac but sure i ll do it next week when i m coming back from vacations.
Tomorrow i m gonna go to the beach oh yeah babe and buy some food to bring to Ireland. On sunday i have a big meal with pretty all my family s dad, or at least people that i care for a lot and my grandma is gonna cook a wonderful paella, of course i will take pics no doubt. I ll be back on monday in Ireland and i m moving the same day from D7 to D4 yeah, not that i really really wana go back to Ireland especially after this day but that s ok, at least i m living 3 min around the corner.
ok time to go now. Cheers.

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