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- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(


Ok people, as i said i m gonna try to post and post on this blog in english. ... well i m gonna try to bring some interesting stuff about my life eventhough i m not a superstar, and no my life is not waouh! extra super amazing! But anyway, this morning i woke at 7 , now u dont know me, but if there is one thing that i m not... it s a morning person, but, i since i have to loose weight... since.... (always have to loose weight, nothing u) am thinking, why not going to the gym. The thing is, I definitively need a coach to help me move my ass otherwise I m gonna start 5 min and when I can t breath (so 5 min later) i loose my motivation, so it s better to have a coach who s looking at me when I stop and say "what do u think u re doing... go back on that damn step" well he does not say that that way but after 15 min of sweating this is how i think he s saying that... u see. So i can t go after work cause all the skinny women want to do it as well to be sure they re still look for their boyfriend.... whatever, I cant go either during lunch first because it s killing me, and I can t work properly after all, plus cmon it s lunch time, i can t miss my lunch time... i m french hello.
So i m going at 7.30 cause now it s 45 min and not 30 min as per previous weeks, i was enjoying my 15 min of sleep, now i have to wake up early... arffff. Today i did 45 min of steps, that s right, steps my friends, and trust, I do not like using the stairs after lunch ( i m at the 3rd floor) so using a step for 45min OMG!!!!!
Anyway the good thing is i m not really tired tonight, no it s 10.30 and i m fine.
I m waiting now for a friend, she was my housemate when i was living in cork, now she s working on a cruise ship in USA, lucky her. She had 1 day of the rain for the last 7 months, tell me about that, for me it will be faster to count the days it did not rain actually.
ok time to go, i need to work now.

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