Check my new photo site :)

What else

- Waiting end of August to be back to France and see my family...

- 'Summer' is almost over here .... ;(

- It is migraines' week.... ;(

Introducing Isofoto :)

Hi guys..... I am happy to introduce you to my new photos's site ISOFOTO I am super happy about it. It took me a while to do it and post on it (geeezzz i have 3 sites now) well this one is very important for me because someday i m hoping i could become a real photographer as a full time job... it might take a while, it might never happened but for once i m still keeping hope!
So guys please go have a look there when you have some time, leave comments if you want, any tips, advices or else will be appreciated :)

On my latest post you will see how I used GIMP to remove ugly cables on my sunset pic that I posted on my previous post :)

Little question to end that short post: if you had the possibility to travel in the past, when you go and what would you change? :) (I ll answer the question on my next post too :)

Have a freakintastic end of the weekend!!!!

16 people read it till the end and comment on it ;):

Abhinav said...

Big congratulations!!!


I have commented there! :)
Blogrolling you there asap!

Anonymous said...

Nice website.
Keep clicking.

Tarun said...

Whatever little we (you and me) have seen of ur snaps,I honestly thinkning u have that unique gift of timing the snaps,which separates good from ordinary.

Website is great.
But why not keep all snaps at one place instead spreading it around?

I mean whats RSS and other feeds for?

Keshi said...

Im keeping my fingers crossed for ya babe! Cos I believe in finding a job that makes u happy too. Thats what Im thinking right now...I gotta do something thats my Passion and one that makes me happy. Im in the middle of such a change...will keep u posted abt it.

**if you had the possibility to travel in the past, when you go and what would you change?

u mean if I had a Time machine? :) hmmmm let me think...

I'd perhaps go and change that day that took my dad away from all of us. But I know nothing could hv changed that. It all happened for a reason. Therefore my answer would be - I'd not go back in time and I'd not change a single thing.

Cos if not for all the things that happened to me, I'd not be the person I am today.


Ria said...

congrats gurl!!and the website is cool.

Chriz said...

i wud not go into the past.. all were great learning experiences

Cess said...

@ Abhi
hey thanks for the comment and the blogroll :)

Cess said...

@ Hobo
Thanks :)

Cess said...

@ Tarun
thanks so much for the compliment Tarun, I hope i ll be able to become a excellent photographer :)

'But why not keep all snaps at one place instead spreading it around?
' well i tried to make this site looks more professionnal than my blogs :P As for smugmug it is just a place where i can put all my pics, i m only putting the good one with comment on isofoto :)

Cess said...

@ Keshi
yeah do keep me posted if u do change job, i m wondering now what kind of job u d be doin... maybe something around writing.... or speaker...a motivational or inspirational one (like ur posts are)
Nice answer for the question :)
tc sweetie

Cess said...

@ Ria
thanks sweetie :)

Cess said...

@ Chrizzz
good for u Dude :)

Keshi said...

:) maybe...Im trying to find out. I hope it's not a nun lol!

hey btw, come n check out ur score ;-)


Cess said...

@ Keshi,

I hope u won t be a nun cz i d like to see my future nephew and niece, i ll be the french aunty :)

Keshi said...
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Keshi said...

awwwwww thats the sweetest thing someone has ever said to me! *HUGZ*

French aunt sounds very posh. I like it!